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The BCS is one of the world's leading cartographic societies. We engage in education, research and publishing and host a range of exciting events throughout the year. Our Awards for cartographic excellence are internationally recognized and are presented at our Annual Symposium.

Our membership includes mapping companies, publishers, designers, academics, researchers, map curators, individual cartographers, GIS specialists and anyone who enjoys maps and mapping – Join us today.


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We've just published the 2016 award winning maps: BCS Awards 2016 winning maps

See the 2016 winners: BCS Awards winners

The British Cartographic Society Award
Pitch Perfect, Kenneth Field - winner of the 2016 BCS Award
Conferences, seminars, workshops & events
The Society’s extensive programme of events and annual conference gives members an opportunity to hear from and engage with leading practitioners in cartography.
The Society’s popular outreach programme to schools, Restless Earth encourages children to learn more about geography and the world.
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BCS’s programme of lively and informative events are an ideal way of meeting up with members to share practice and learning.


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