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BCS Events

As part of the Society aims we endeavor to:
  • facilitate the exchange of information and ideas amongst the members of the Society and others
  • hold meetings and publish periodicals and books
  • arrange and participate in National and International Conferences
  • advance cartographic education and encourage research.

Future events (run or supported by The BCS) :

December 2016
GeoDATA London Showcase 2016

October 2016
GeoDATA Scotland Showcase 2016

September 2016
Mapping 2016 Joint BCS and Soc Conference

June 2016
GeoDATA Brussels

May 2016
GEO Business 2016

April 2016
GeoDATA Dublin

GeoDATA Cork

GeoDATA Liverpool

March 2016

Past events:

December 2015
GeoDATA London Showcase

November 2015
GeoDATA Belfast

GeoDATA Edinburgh

BCS Annual AGM and Autumn lecture

BCS Council, Programme and Membership Committee meetings

October 2015
Frankfurt Book Fair

September 2015
BCS Council, Programme and Membership Committee meetings

Navigating the Congo - Free exhibition and Talks

Symposium 2015 - Mapping Together

August 2015
International Cartographic Conference, Rio de Janeiro

June 2015
HMMG/DSA Maps and Surveys Seminar at Hermitage

The 8th Spatial Socio-Cultural Knowledge Workshop 2015

April 2015
16-19 Apr HMMG (Historical Military Mapping Group) visit to Amiens

March 2015
5th Annual Stoneley Lecture on Volcanoes, Sir Tony Robinson

September 2014
MCG Workshop and Training Day 2014

August 2014
Society of Cartographers - 50th Anniversary Summer School Conference 2014

June 2014
Symposium 2014

The 7th Spatial Socio-Cultural Knowledge Workshop

March 2014
RAF Bomber Command visit

February 2014
Carto Hack Camp - Ordnance Survey

January 2014
UK GEOforum Annual Lecture 2014

November 2013
Mapping Showcase

Nicholas Crane Talk and BCS EGM/AGM

October 2013
25 Oct: GIS and Web Cartography talk with Jack Dangermond (Esri President)

17 Oct: GeoDrinks, Waterloo, London

September 2013
2013 Symposium Mapping 2013: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond...

August 2013
26th International Cartographic Conference, Dresden

July 2013
A Black Country Experience

June 2013
HMMG SIG event

April 2013
An Evening with Michael Palin

March 2013
How Maps Inspire Us - BCS Design Group meeting

January 2013
DGI Global 2013

UK GEOforum lecture

December 2012
LMF Mapping Showcase

October 2012
AGM and Fellows Evening

August 2012
Map Curators Group Workshop 2012

July 2012
Better Mapping II - the next level

June 2012
Better Mapping I - Level One

2012 Symposium Mapping 2012 : Mapping The Global Village

April 2012

March 2012

January 2012
DGI Global 2012

December 2011
London Mapping Festival's Mapping Showcase

November 2011
Better Mapping 1 Seminar

GIS Special Interest Group GIS and Schematics

September 2011
FREE Restless Earth Workshop. for Year 10 students on 26th September

The Selden Map of China Colloquium on 15th September

Map Curators Group Workshop. Beyond the Neat Line

July 2011
Maney Publishing’s July Feature of the Month: Cartography & Surveying

July 2011
25th International Cartographic Conference and the 15th General Assembly of the ICA

June 2011
2011 Symposium: Shrigley Hall, Cheshire. Mapping 2011: The Power of the Image

London Map Fair

May 2011
Esri UK Annual Conference 2011

April 2011

March - May 2011
GeoDATA 2011

January 2011
UKGEOforum Lecture

DGI Global 2011

November 2010
Better Mapping II - Advanced Seminars

GIS Special Interest Group Meeting - GIS and Symbology

BCS Annual General Meeting

Collections Evening

AGI - A National Conference on Location Economics

September 2010
Map Curators Group Workshop. Beyond the Neat Line

June 2010
2010 Symposium: Nottingham. Mapping 2010: Talking with Maps

January 2010
DGI Europe 2010

November 2009
GIS and GPS - a GIS Special Interest Group Meeting

October 2009
Better Mapping Seminars 2009

September 2009
Map Curators' Group Workshop

June 2009
2009 Symposium: Newport Pagnell. Mapping 2009 : Mapping at Work

April 2009
Map Curators' Training Event

September 2008
2008 Symposium: Newport Pagnell : Mapping 2008: Making the Most of Maps and Map Curators’ Workshop

August 2008
Royal Geographical Society with IBG’s Annual Conference

July 2008
Better Mapping Seminars

February 2008
Fellows Evening

September 2007
2007 Symposium: University of Chester: Mapping 2007 – putting the pieces together

February 2007
Fellows Evening

January 2007
Map Cataloguing for the Terrified : A BCS Map Curators Group Event

November 2006
Better Mapping
The Map Designers : A BCS Map Design Group Event

September 2006
2006 Symposium: University of Manchester: Annual Symposium and Map Curators’ Workshop

September 2005
2005 Symposium: University of Plymouth: Annual Symposium and Map Curators’ Workshop

September 2004
2004 Symposium: University of Durham: Annual Symposium and Map Curators’ Workshop

50th Anniversary Book
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