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Notes for the guidance of Members seeking Fellowship status within The British Cartographic Society. To be designated FBCart.S

1. All Members who wish to acquire Fellowship status should complete the application form and submit it to the Honorary Secretary. All applications will be considered by the Membership Committee which will meet on at least four occasions per year.

2. Individual Members of the Society, in good standing who have been Members without a break for 25 years, are eligible to apply for and shall be granted Fellowship status without further consideration. Other Individual Members, with a minimum of 2 years continuous membership and with at least ten years relevant experience who wish to acquire Fellowship status may also apply. All applications will be considered by the Membership Committee.

3. It would be helpful to Council to explain briefly why you wish to seek Fellowship status.

4. Although possession of a formal qualification in cartography - such as a degree or diploma from a recognised institution, university, college or training establishment - does not on itself provide sufficient grounds for the conferment of FBCart.S., it should be mentioned. A period of ten years relevant experience in cartographic work or activity, possibly including the period spent on acquiring formal qualifications; e.g. day release or secondment, is essential.

5. Involvement in cartographic work or practice may be as an employee, manager, or in a self employed capacity. The range of cartographic activities considered appropriate includes:-
* Map and chart editing and design; compilation; draughting; publishing; marketing; curating; cataloguing; and conservation.
* Teaching, instructing, writing about mapping and map use.
* Working for cartographic organisations, for example serving as a member of the Council of the British Cartographic Society or committees of similar societies devoted to discipline.
* Research on cartography and map use.
(As used here the term 'Map" includes topographic and thematic materials, plans, hydrographic and aeronautical charts, 3D spatial models, globes, map images on CRT, structured data capable of being displayed as conventional maps, and mental images in which spatial relations are important.)
While membership of the Society is open to anyone who has an interest in maps or charts, uses them in the course of employment not otherwise concerned with maps, or consults them in the pursuit of leisure, such activities and interests are not regarded as being appropriate qualifications for those seeking to obtain Fellowship status. For example, whilst designing and preparing maps for orienteering is a cartographic activity using them during a competition is not.

6. Confirmation of the applicants qualifications and/or experience in the cartographic field is set out above. Applications may be supported by: Council Members, Fellows, established Members of at least 5 years standing, someone in a senior position at the work place, or a person with Professional status.

7. Fellows whose subscriptions are in arrears shall not be entitled to use the designation FBCart.S. Fellows who are deemed by the Council as having brought the Society or the cartographic profession into disrepute may be deprived of their Fellowship status.

8. Members and others whose applications for Fellowship have been turned down shall be entitled to appeal in writing to the President.

9. Persons elected Fellows of The British Cartographic Society will receive a certificate.

Download Notes of Guidance for members seeking Fellowship Status

Download Fellowship Application Form

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