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The Awards > The Stanfords Award 2007

The Stanfords Award for Printed Mapping
This award is open to any mapping in the printed form, whether it be a poster, folded sheet map, atlas or page from a book etc. The award comprises a trophy and a certificate and is being run by The British Cartographic Society with the support of Stanfords Map Shop.

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Judging for this very popular award was very close this year and, as well as the winner, two entries were presented with commendations and also two entries received a high commendation. Caroline Bowler from Stanfords presented the award.

Winner :: High Commendation :: High Commendation :: Commendation :: Commendation



Rosemary Duncan
Hamps and Manifold Geotrail

Her entry, the Hamps and Manifold Geotrail, was commissioned by the Staffordshire Regionally Important Geological Sites.
The mapping is well referenced to the additional information surrounding it, including geo-sections, photographs and the descriptive text. The colour schemes and design are really eye catching and well balanced across the whole product with a very attractive layout. The format is well suited to the user, as a tour guide as well as a keepsake.

Unfortunately Rosemary couldn't attend in person and asked BCS President Mary Spence MBE to receive on her behalf.

sample1 sample2


Defence Geographic Centre
PCA Afghanistan

The judges felt that their entry of a PCA of Afghanistan was very successfully integrated from various sources, plus additional information, to fit together excellently. The terrain is well represented and combined with the vector data creates an effective map. The colours and symbolization are very good and meet criteria for end users.

Peter Jones of DGC receives the high commendation from Caroline Bowler

Presentation sample1
Crown copyright 2007. Reproduced with the permission of the Controller, HMSO.


British Antarctic Survey
Ryder Bay

Their entry, Ryder Bay, provides a detailed topographic map to aid safe travel in this rugged, glacial area. Photography and photogrammetry have been combined well in the making of this map to create a useful and concise depiction of such an unusual landscape. Un-chartered waters are identified clearly and contouring has been used effectively to enhance the aerial photos and combine excellently with the contents of the map.

Caroline Bowler presents Alison Cook of British Antarctic Survey with the certificate

Presentation sample1


Departmental Responsibilities

This entry was commissioned by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and shows departmental responsibilities across the world.
The judges were very impressed by the good design and clarity of the map considering such a complicated topic. Very good choice of insets and layout leads to understanding the content and also shows relative issues that would be lost if displayed purely in list format. An intelligent and well designed answer to a problematical question.

Alan Collinson of Geo-innovations receives certificate from Caroline Bowler

Presentation sample1


Heritage Cartography
Burnley Map

Based on a 1st edition 1:10,560 map of Burnley, Lancashire this Victorian Town Map has been drawn traditionally and is intended for use by genealogical research as well as display. The judges felt that the typography and colour choice have led to creating a beautiful map that, due to it's unique development and brilliant craftsmanship promotes cartography to wider audiences perfectly and keeps the tradition alive.

Peter J Adams of Heritage Cartography receives commendation

Presentation sample1

Entries were received from:



British Antarctic Survey BAS (IPY) Sheet 1 : The Arctic and Antarctic
British Antarctic Survey Ryder Bay
Defence Geographic Centre PCA Afghanistan - SW
Geo-Innovations Water Distribution and area responsibilities for Welsh water.
Geo-Innovations / FCO Departmental Responsibilities
Global Mapping Africa Wall Map
Global Mapping Saudi Geological Survey Geologic Atlas
Global Mapping World Desk Mat
HarperCollins Publishers (Collins Geo) Discovering Scotland Atlas and Guide
HarperCollins Publishers Atlas of Global Issues
HarperCollins Publishers Collins Canadian World Atlas
HarperCollins Publishers Collins Childrens Pictorial Atlas
HarperCollins Publishers Fragile Earth: Views of a changing world
Helen Stirling City of Inverness Street Map
Heritage Cartography Burnley 1844
National Geographic Society The World
Ocean Futures/ERA/Unparalled/Statens Kartverk Transport and population in Northern Norway
Rosemary Duncan Hamps and Manifold Geotraill
Selas Ltd Road and Tourist map of Cyprus
Selas Ltd School Atlas of Cyprus - Greece
Stirling Surveys Grantown on Spey Walks
The AA AA Close-up Truckers Atlas Britain
The AA Close-up Atlas Britain
Zoltan Torok The Isle of Oahu

Photography by Martin Lubikowski
50th Anniversary Book
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