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The Awards > The Henry Johns Award 1975 - 2004

The Henry Johns Award for the Best Cartographic Journal Article
This award will be presented to the author of the best Cartographic Journal article. The winner is selected by the Journal editor, the editorial board and the president of the BCS. The award is being run by The British Cartographic Society with the support of Lovell Johns. The award comprises a cash prize, certificate and publicity in BCS publications and on the BCS web site.

2008 :: 2007 :: 2006 :: 2005 :: 1975-2004

From 1975 The BCS has presented an award to the author of the most outstanding article published in The Cartographic Journal during the calendar year.

The award is sponsored by:
1975-1993 : Pyser-SGI
1994-1997 : Wallis Genasys
1998 to date : Lovell Johns Ltd


Prof William Ravenhill and Andrew Gilg
The Accuracy of Early Maps - Towards a Computer Aided Method; CJ. Vol. 11, No 1


Prof Arthur Robinson and Dr Barbara Bartz Petchenik
The Map as a Communication System; CJ. Vol. 12, No 1


Dr Richard Baxter
Some Methodological Issues in Computer Drawn Maps; CJ. Vol. 13, No 2


J C Stone and A M D Gemmell
An Experiment in the Comparitive Analysis of Distortion on Historical Maps; CJ. Vol. 14, No 2


Dr Naftali Kadmon and Mr Eli Sholmi
A Polyfocal Projection for Statistical Surfaces; CJ. Vol. 15, No 1


Ken Ward
Cartography in the Round the Orthographic Projection; CJ. Vol. 16, No 2


Dr Michael McCullagh and Charles Ross
Delaunay Triangulation of a Random Data Set for Isarithmic Mapping; CJ. Vol. 17, No 2


Dr Richard Ley
An Examination of Various Cartometric Accuracy Tests; CJ. Vol. 18, No 1


Dr Jeffrey Stone
The District Map: An Episode in British Colonial Cartography in Africa; CJ. Vol. 19 No 2


A N Benny and G J Dawson
Satellite Imagery as an Aid to Bathymetric Charting in the Red Sea; CJ. June '83, Vol. 20


Jean Forbes
Problems of Cartographic Representation of Patterns of Population Change; CJ. Vol. 21


Prof Pinhas Yoeli
Topographic Relief Depiction by Hachures with Computer and Plotter; CJ. Vol. 22


Roy Cooney
Chart Engraving at the Hydrographic Department, 1951-­1981; CJ. Vol. 23


Stephen J Lavin and Randall S Cerveny
Unit Vector and Density Mapping; CJ. Vol. 24, No 2


Roy C Boud
Institutional and Individual Influences on Scottish Geological Maps 1804­1847: A Cornucopia of Publication or a Mere Trickle; CJ. Vol. 25, No 1


Roger Hellyer
The Archaelogical and Historical Maps of the Ordnance Survey; CJ. Vol. 26, No 2


Prof J C Müller and Wang Zeshen
A Knowledge Based System for Cartographic Symbol Design; CJ. Vol. 27, No 1


Prof D W Rhind
The Role of the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain; CJ. Vol. 28 No 2


R C Boud
Cartographic patronage and the Highland and Agricultural Society: the County geological premium competitions, 1835-­1847; CJ. Vol. 30, No 1


Michael Wood
The Map User's Response To Map Design; CJ. Vol. 30, No 2


Cartography as a art and a Science; CJ. Vol. 32, No 2


Patrick Wiegand & Bernadette Stiell
Communication in Children's Picture Atlases; CJ. Vol. 33, No1


Patrick Wiegand & Bernadette Stiell
The Development of Children's Sketch Maps of the British Isles; CJ Vol. 34 No. 1


Menno-Jan Kraak
The Cartographic Visualisation Process: From Presentation to Exploration; CJ Vol. 35 No.1


David Green & Silvy Horbach
Colour - Difficult to Both Choose and Use in Practice; CJ Vol. 36 No. 2


Tim Nicolson
Bartholomew and the half inch layer Colour map 1883-1903; CJ Vol. 37


CJ Vol. 38


Mr. Peter Chasseaud
German Maps and Survey on the Western Front, 1914-1918; CJ Vol. 39


Dr Yolande Hodson
Ordnance Survey and the Definitave Map of Public Rights of Way of England and Wales; CJ Vol. 40


CJ Vol. 41

Photography by Martin Lubikowski
50th Anniversary Book
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