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Map Curators Group > BRICMICS

British and Irish Committee on Map Information and Cataloguing Systems
(BRICMICS) is a formal group with membership by invitation which represents libraries, archives, and other institutions and organisations involved in all aspects of map work in Great Britain and Ireland. It exists to exchange views and information and to monitor developments affecting map libraries and archives.

The Chair of BRICMICS is the Head of the Map Collections at the British Library. The Secretary is also provided by the British Library. BRICMICS meets twice yearly - in Spring and Autumn. Sub-committees meet as necessary. Meetings carry a formal agenda, which includes a regular reporting slot for all members. BRICMICS disseminates information on topics of discussion for promotion on lis-maps, in Cartographiti, and via other appropriate means, and welcomes participation from non-members.

BRICMICS sub-committees include but are not limited to:
* Standing Sub-Committee of Legal Deposit Libraries
* Standing Group on Training for Map Curatorship
* Digital Working Group
* Working Group on Acquisitions
* Working Group on the Cessation of Paper Mapping
* Working Group on Co-operative Cataloguing

BRICMICS was originally formed in 1984 as one of several Consultative Committees of the Ordnance Survey, although from the start the Committee did not limit itself to topics relating to OS. There were two versions of BRICMICS: the general branch with a broad remit, and BRICMICS/OS, a smaller group which represented the interests of map libraries and their users to Ordnance Survey. After the closure of the Consultative Committee format by OS in 2001, BRICMICS chose to continue its work in the dissemination of information, discussion, consultation and active participation in all issues of interest to map libraries and map library users.

Amongst topics of present and past interest to the Committee are:
* the continued availability of the record of the British landscape via the deposit of both paper and digital mapping data by Ordnance Survey in the Legal Deposit Libraries
* photocopying of maps in libraries
* training of map curators
* standardisation of map cataloguing
* advice on best practice in map libraries
* co-operative acquisitions and cataloguing
* implications of the increased use of digital formats for mapping publication
* use of maps by contaminated land investigators
* representation of its members' views to outside bodies such as parliamentary select committees and to Ordnance Survey

If you would like to know more of what is going on or would like to contribute please get in touch with the
BRICMICS Secretary at the British Library Map Library,
96 Euston Road,
London NW1 2DB.
Tel. 020 7412 7062.

- April 2003.

Membership of BRICMICS

The Copyright Libraries:
British Library, Map Collections (Chair and Secretary)
National Library of Scotland
National Library of Wales
Trinity College Dublin
Cambridge University Library
Bodleian Library, Oxford

National Archives:
The National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office)
National Archives of Scotland (c)
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (c)
India Office Records, British Library (c)
Representative from Ireland national archives (c)

Other major map collections:
Ministry of Defence, Defence Geographic Centre
National Maritime Museum
Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers
Royal Scottish Geographical Society (c)
University of London (c)

Major British map publishers:
British Geological Survey
Hydrographic Office
Ordnance Survey
A representative of the commercial mapmaking community

Professional organisations:
Chartered Institute of Librarians and Information Professionals (CILIP)
LIBER Group de Carthothecaires
Map Curators' Group of the British Cartographic Society
Museums Association
Society of Archivists
Society of Cartographers
UK Cartographic Committee (reporting to International Cartographic Association) (c)

Other special interest groups:
Cartographiti, the newsletter of the Map Curators' Group (editor)
Charles Close Society for the Study of Ordnance Survey Maps (c)
Local authority libraries (formerly LAOSC)
Northern Ireland copyright libraries
University geography department map collections

(c) denotes courtesy membership, which entails being on the mailing list but not attending meetings

In some instances, one person may represent more than one group.

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