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Historical Military Mapping Group > Aims and Objectives

Background to the Group
Following a very successful 'Terrain in Military History' conference held at the University of Greenwich in 2000 (organised by Peter Doyle and Matthew Bennett), Peter Chasseaud and Peter Doyle organised a further conference at Greenwich in 2001 on the theme of '20th Century Military Mapping.' Papers given at the conference were published in a special issue of the Cartographic Journal for December 2001. The conference was so well supported that it was decided to set up an informal group called 'The Greenwich Group for the Study of the History of Military Cartography' (convener: Peter Chasseaud). In 2003 this Group became a Special Interest Group of the BCS, with the same convener. The group produces a newsletter and organises visits and seminars.

Members' Interests
The original members' interests proved to be very wide, though there was a strong focus on 20th Century military survey and mapping, particularly on the two World Wars. Members' research interests are international in character and not just restricted to survey and mapping by British military agencies.
It is clear from further interest expressed at the BCS 2003 Reading Symposium that the Group should have a very broad remit, to cover both historical and present aspects. It is hoped that the Group will work closely with those responsible for preservation of mapping and associated documentary material in all the relevant national libraries, museums and archives. The group will also work with those concerned with British military survey and mapping agency, and with general geographical support for the forces.

The broad aims of the Group, discussed at Reading but yet to be formalised, include liaison, day visits, seminars, perhaps the production of a newsletter, the promotion of the study of the history of British military mapping and survey in any part of the globe with, perhaps, the somewhat ambitious aim of producing a standard history, etc. Papers given at the 2001 Conference (published in The Cartographic Journal, December 2001)
* German Maps and Survey on the Western Front 1914-1918 (Peter Chasseaud)
* A Small War, Gallipoli 1915. He Who is Above Sees All: An Early Use of Aerial Photography in Terrain Analysis (Ian Mumford)
* Mapping Palestine and Mesopotamia in the First World War (Peter Collier and Rob Inkpen)
* MacLeod, MI4, and the Directorate of Military Survey, 1916-1943 (Yolande Hodson)
* Mapping for D-Day: The Allied Landings in Normandy, 6 June 1944 (Peter Chasseaud)
* From Anaglyph to Analytical: An Initial Review of the Use of Photogrammetric Stereoplotting Machines for Map Production in Military Survey Squadrons (Alan Gordon)
* Military Geographic Information in the Twenty-First Century (J. F. Prain)

50th Anniversary Book
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