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Publications > Maplines

Maplines The Magazine of the British Cartographic Society.
It is issued free to all subscribed members in Spring, Summer and Winter.

Maplines contains news, views and information on activities, lecture programmes and professional opportunities. It encourages product news and our Corporate Members take advantage of this. Most of all, the editors encourage ordinary members to share their cartographic, or other, experiences with their readers.

The current edition of Maplines is issued by post to all members. Receive Maplines as part of your membership including access to an online version via the membersí area to the BCS website.

The editors welcome all suggestions for content or copy for future editions.
Please refer to the Notes for Contributors [PDF] for guidance on deadlines, format and general word counts.

If you would like to advertise in Maplines view our 2012 Rate Card [PDF] which details offers for multiple purchases.

If you have any submissions or comments for Maplines please Contact The Editors.

Past Issues
Spring 2014 [PDF - 4.1mb]

Winter 2012 [published through issuu and PDF]
Summer 2012 [published through issuu and PDF]
Spring 2012 [published through issuu and PDF]
Winter 2011 [published through issuu and PDF]
Summer 2011 [published through issuu and PDF]
Spring 2011 [published through issuu and PDF]
Winter 2010 [published through issuu and PDF]
Summer 2010 [published through issuu and PDF]
Spring 2010 [PDF - 3.4mb]
Winter 2009 [PDF - 3.3mb]
Summer 2009 [PDF - 2.8mb]
Spring 2009 [PDF - 1.7mb]
Winter 2008 [PDF - 2.6mb]
Summer 2008 [PDF - 2.8mb]
Spring 2008 [PDF - 2.7mb]
December 2007 [PDF - 3.2mb]
August 2007 [PDF - 1.5mb]
April 2007 [PDF - 1.4mb]
December 2006 [PDF - 1.2mb]
August 2006 [PDF - 1.1mb]
April 2006 [PDF - 2.4mb]
December 2005 [PDF - 1.1mb]
August 2005 [PDF - 584kb]
April 2005 [PDF - 584kb]
December 2004 [PDF - 1.5mb]
  - and additional supplement [PDF - 1.1mb]
August 2004 [PDF - 472kb]
April 2004 [PDF - 444kb]
December 2003 [PDF - 484kb]

50th Anniversary Book
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