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The Awards > The Avenza Award 2008

The Avenza Award for Electronic Mapping
This award is open to any mapping available in electronic format, whether it is interactive internet mapping, internal company use GIS mapping or maybe a Powerpoint presentation. The award comprises a trophy and a certificate and is being run by The British Cartographic Society with the support of Avenza.

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This year, qualifying entries included a diverse range of products, including CD-Roms, presentations, web-based products and databased derived mapping.
Unfortunately Ted Florence of Avenza couldn't make it to the presentations and asked Tim Rideout from Avenza's UK and Ireland distributors The XYZ Digital Map Company, to present the Award.

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Peter Brett Associates
Thames Estuary Coastal Habitat Atlas

The product was designed to provide detailed baseline habitat data for monitoring and provision of information on habitat quality and was commissioned by the Environment Agency.
This will assist in the identification of potential sites for managed changes to land use, the impacts of exposure to saline intrusions and rising sea level. The judges felt that this product fully met its specification and would provide a valuable tool in the management of flood risk in the years to come. The detailed legend seemed to cover every eventuality whilst maintaining clarity.

Christopher Blair-Myers of Peter Brett Associates received the Award.



Imray Laurie Norie and Wilson
Electronic Chart Plotter focusing on the North Sea

It provides the small craft sailor with a simple chart plotter with GPS connectivity. The raster images are of the existing paper chart series so the mariner is already familiar with the layout so can concentrate on navigation – the judges believed this to be a very valuable asset. Note from judges: It would have been nice to have tested it at sea but the judging budget didn’t stretch that far!

Willy Wilson, of Imray, Laurie, Norie and Wilson collects the certificate from Tim Rideout

Presentation sample1


Andy Allan
Cycle Map using OpenStreetMap’s open source geodata

The judges felt that this provided a clear and concise depiction of the cycle ways in the UK and internationally. They were impressed with the compilation of the map and would like to encourage the additional features befitting an interactive media like this, to develop associated linked information files.

Unfortunately Andy was unable to attend the presentation and asked Steve Chilton to collect the certificate on his behalf.

Presentation sample1

Entries were received from:



Andy Allen Cycle Map using OpenStreetMap's open source geodata
Barend Kobben & Wim Feringa Melka Virtual Museum
British Antarctic Survey South Georgia
Chris Ewing Where is that postcode?
Imray Laurie Norie and Wilson Ltd ID10 - North Sea - South & East
Peter Brett Associates LLP Thames Estuary Coastal Habitat Atlas

Photography by Martin Lubikowski
50th Anniversary Book
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