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Mapping at Work 2009 - Workshop Details
Wednesday 17th June 2009
Gain expert tuition by attending two workshops delivered by The British Cartographic
Society’s Special Interest Groups; the Design Group and the GIS Group. These sessions
are ideal for anyone interested in learning how to communicate results more effectively.
The Design Group concentrates on the advanced principles of cartography; the GIS Group
focuses on how to apply these principles to commercial GIS software

Workshop: Design Special Interest Group : Make it Matter – Speaking Fluently with Maps

Learn from the experts and find out how to further enhance and develop your
maps with your business and audience in mind.

Download Design Group Workshop details

Workshop: GIS Special Interest Group : Making a Better Map with GIS

Discover how GIS is used to produce high quality cartographic output within
publications and the Internet. This session includes an open discussion on where
we can gather our existing and future cartographic tool requirements to feed back
to the software vendors.

Download GIS Group Workshop details

View Stuart Miller's Presentation

Thursday 18th June 2009
14:00 Workshops Session 1 - Summaries [PDF - 22kb]
Choose one from:
  • Generating effective softcopy output from ESRI ARCGIS
  • Better Mapping for the Terrified!
  • Making the Most of OS MasterMap®
    Just like the workshops from 2007 to 2009, the booklet is aimed at helping OS MasterMap® users explore the potential of the product and find out how to make the most of OS MasterMap for their own business needs or a specific scenario.
    It combines information on the product, advice on cartography and exercises based on ‘styling the data’ and ‘working with the data’.
    Although the exercises are site specific, OS have reworked them since the workshops so that they can be applied to any area of OS MasterMap® data
    Download the OS MasterMap® booklet
  • 3D Geological Mapping
Friday 19th June 2009
11:00 Workshops Session 2 - Summaries [PDF - 29kb]
Choose one from:
  • Making the Most of OS MasterMap®
  • What’s Hot? What’s Not? Using Thermal Mapping
  • We the People – Getting Stuck into the People’s Map
  • 3D Geological Mapping
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