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Mapping at Work 2009 - Presentation Details
Thursday 18th June 2009
09:15 Presentations Session 1 – New Horizons - Summaries [PDF - 19kb]
Chair: Cliff Nicklin
  • The British Cartographic Society: A Fresh Vision
    Bob Lilley, President, The British Cartographic Society
  • Interactive Integrated Media and Visualising Geography: Reflecting on Lessons Learnt
    William Cartwright, RMIT University
  • New Directions in Mapping Place
    Alun Jones, The GeoInformation Group
11:30 Presentations Session 2 – Mapping the Environment - Summaries [PDF - 25kb]
Chair: Alexander Kent
  • Geo-Enabling Local Communities in Brazil
    Steve Eglinton, Tube Lines, London
  • Creating and Analysing Cross-Border Datasets
    Robert Kitchin, National University of Ireland
  • Modelling, Mapping and Data Creation in a Web 2.0 World
    Andrew Hudson-Smith, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College,
16:00 Helen Wallis Memorial Lecture
Chair: Bob Lilley
  • Communicating with Maps: Did The Message Get Through?
    Barbara Bond, Pro-Chancellor, University of Plymouth
Friday 19th June 2009
09:00 Presentations Session 3 – Mapping on the Web - Summaries [PDF - 22kb]
Chair: Robert Sharpe
  • Designing for Multiple Outputs – the Process and Obstacles [PDF 1.1mb]
    Clare Neal, Steer Davies Gleave
  • Next Generation Online Route Planners: from satnav to the Web and back again
    Edward Mac Gillavry, Webmapper
  • An Evaluation of Publicly Accessible Geographic Information Websites
    Major Alan Easingwood, Military Survey
13:30 Presentations Session 4 - Symbology and Representation - Summaries [PDF - 27kb]
Chair: Susie Jones
  • Maps of the Underworld – A case for Aesthetic Design
    Nadia Boukhelifa, University of Leeds
  • The Design and Application of the ‘Stop-Specific’ Bus Map
    Gareth Evans, David Forrest & Alistair Morrison, University of Glasgow
  • Legible London - A Wayfinding System for London
    Tim Fendley, Applied Information Group
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