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The Awards > The Henry Johns Award 2009

The Henry Johns Award for the Best Cartographic Journal Article
This award will be presented to the author of the best Cartographic Journal article. The winner is selected by the Journal editor, the editorial board and the president of the BCS. The award is being run by The British Cartographic Society with the support of Lovell Johns. The award comprises a cash prize, certificate and publicity in BCS publications and on the BCS website.

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Ken Field, The Cartographic Journal Editor, presented the award.


Jarke J van Wijk, Professor of Visualisation at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Unfolding the Earth: Myriahedral Projections

The winning article appeared in volume 45 issue 1 of the Cartographic Journal and is titled “Unfolding the Earth: Myriahedral Projections” by Professor Jarke J van Wijk.

Jarke van Wijk's innovative paper outlined the form and construction of a new type of myriahedral map projection. In essence, he projected the globe onto a myriahedron which contained a large number of faces and whilst the projection contains a large number of interruptions, the resulting map is both conformal and conserves area. In addition to the novel research, Jarke's paper was of the highest quality in terms of reporting the original research and the stunning illustrations of various forms of his projection provided an excellent visual commentary.

Unfortunately Jarke is working in Germany at the moment but he has sent these words of thanks:
'I am very proud that my work was honoured with this award, and I consider this as an absolute highlight in my career. I must confess that I am just an amateur in cartography - my core business is data visualization. I have a very high respect for cartography, with its tradition of thousands of years of research and craftmanship, and it is an important inspiration for many in the visualization field. Obtaining this award from the leading society in cartography is, again, an absolute highlight for me'
In Jarke's absence Mr. William Cartwright, The ICA President, received the award on his behalf from Mr. Ken Field, The Cartographic Journal Editor.

Photography by Martin Lubikowski
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