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The Awards > The John C. Bartholomew Award 2010

The John C. Bartholomew Award for Small Scale Mapping
This award is presented for originality and excellence in the field of thematic (non-topographic, 1:100,000 and smaller) cartography with emphasis on effective communication of the intended theme or themes. The award comprises a trophy, 500 prize and a certificate and is being run by The British Cartographic Society with the support of Collins Bartholomew and the Bartholomews family.

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The John C. Bartholomew Award is sponsored by Collins Bartholomew, and the family of the late John C. Bartholomew.


sample2 Dr Kenneth Field, Kingston University London and Dr Linda Beale, Imperial College London
Geo-Genealogy of Irish Surnames Map

Highly original and innovative product, demonstrating a good fusion between GIS and cartography. Imaginative use of GIS for the challenging subject matter. Some design aspects, including the background and the size of type in the table, detract slightly from the main theme, and the key should have been larger and more prominent. But these are minor failings in an otherwise very successful and marketable product.

Dr Kenneth Field is presented with the award.

sample 1 Presentation


Irene Tucker
Ethnologue: Languages of the World, 16th Edition SIL International

Huge amount of information presented in a clear way. Generally a good choice of cartographic design techniques, colours, etc, and also good editorial control over area to be mapped, insets, etc. It has, though, taken a fairly traditional approach with little cartographic innovation and may have benefitted from greater integration between the maps and the text. Overall an excellent solution to a very ambitious project.


Photography by Martin Lubikowski
50th Anniversary Book
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