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Events > Mapping 2011 - The Power of the Image > SIG Meeting

This session is organised by The British Cartographic Society’s Special Interest GIS Group.

Afternoon of Wednesday 8th June 2011
13:00 3D GIS - Exploring the capabilities of GIS for the visualisation of land, air, sea and subterranean environments

Understanding the 3D world is an increasingly important for decision making in the commercial, government, defence and engineering business space. Modelling and depicting 3D environments in a clear, intuitive way has proved to be challenging in the past. This workshop will explore the advances in the 3D visualisation of GIS data.

Presentations from
  • Tony Myers, British Geological Survey
  • Geology and 3D
    Although essentially subterranean, geology has a major influence on the land, the sea and even the air. In the last year there have been significant geological events that have effected millions of people both directly and indirectly. Geology is omnipresent and multidimensional. This presentation will show how the BGS is using the latest 3D GIS techniques to build then interoperably publish and visualise 3D geology at all scales, ranging from individual fossils to global resources.

  • Christian Relling, IVS 3D
  • 4D visualisation
  • Inge Vandeneeden, Luciad
    Practical aspects and Challenges of 3D Visualization and Analysis for Air Operations

    Visualization and Analysis in 3D is one among a number of upcoming trends within the realm of Defense Air Command & Control and Civilian Air Traffic Management / Air Traffic Control. During the presentation, Luciad will highlight these upcoming trends, with an emphasis on 3D Visualization and Analysis. Luciad will present some typical use cases of 3D in functional applications in the Air domain, and will also focus on the practical challenges that typically need to be addressed by 3D GIS / 3D applications. These challenges lie both in the field of technology (how should it be done?), and in the field of the user experience (how should it be presented to the user?)
  • Matt Toon, Google
    3D for everyone, cloud building and crowd sourcing the earth

    As the world is becoming both more globally aware but also more locally connected Google Earth provides a platform for everyone and anyone to build and share geospatial information from small to large scale data, within such diverse areas as War Zones to Environmental projects. Come see hows it's done!
Presenters will discuss the application of 3D GIS to marine, subterranean, land (urban) and aeronautical environments respectively.

Please join us to explore and learn about this emerging and increasingly important space for the application of cartography. To register your interest please or use the Booking Form

SIG meeting SIG meeting
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