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Reference Number: 7 - Last revised: 21/04/09, Edition 6.

Edinburgh : Keyworth

British Geological Survey
Murchison House
West Mains Road

Person in charge: Gail Gray
Telephone: 0131 650 0249
Fax: 0131-668-2683
Telex: 727343 SEISED G

Mon-Fri 0900-1630 (Fri 1600)

Content: Circa 15,000 sheets. Geological maps of UK at all scales up to 1:10,000, including manuscript maps of Scotland, and all published British Geological Survey maps (1835 to date). Current small scale maps of many other national geological surveys.

No copying facilities for non-BGS maps.

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Reference Number: 6 - Last revised: 21/04/09, Edition 6.

Edinburgh : Keyworth

British Geological Survey
British Geological Survey Library
NG12 5GG

Person in charge: Rachel Mackenzie (Map Librarian)
Enquires to: Library Enquiries Desk
Telephone: 0115 936 3205 (Library Enquiry Desk)
Telephone: 0115 936 3363 (Map Librarian)
Fax: 0115 936 3015
Telex: 378173 BGS KEY G
Email: library@bgs.ac.uk
Website: http://www.bgs.ac.uk/services/library/home.html

Mon-Fri 0900-1700 (Fri 1630)
Closed two days per annum other than bank holidays and between Christmas and New Year, but dates vary.
Public access for reference. Prior appointment desirable.

Content: Some 200,000 items. World-wide collection of earth science thematic maps, with some topographic. Emphasis is on the UK. Historical and current material held.

Circa 70,000 BGS and BAAS geological photographs held.

Place of deposit for BGS Field Survey records and BGS Archives/Public Records.

Photocopying and photographic services available subject to copyright regulations.

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Reference Number: 8 - Last revised: 02/02/15, Edition 7.

Ministry of Defence
Defence Geographic Centre
Geospatial Library
Macleod Building
Elmwood Avenue
TW13 7AH

Person in charge: Andy Robinson
Telephone: 020 8818 3122
Email: JFIGFndn-DGCCInfoHd@dgc.mod.uk

RESTRICTED ACCESS - Primarily for MoD and other government department use. Loans and enquiries by them can be made by telephone or by post.

Content: c700,000 maps and c5,000 atlases. British military mapping; current topographic maps; town plans; selected thematic maps; selected atlases.

Digital data: c70 Tb of vector and raster data.

The Library Information Centre holds a collection of c80,000 items of technical literature on geography and cartography, gazetteers, etc. and subscribes to c130 periodicals.

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Reference Number: 9 - Last revised: 10/8/10, Edition 6

United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
Hydrographic Archive
Ritchie Block
Admiralty Way

See http://www.ukho.gov.uk/AboutUs/Pages/Corporate.aspx click on the tab marked The Archive
Person in charge: Adrian Webb, Archive Services Manager
Telephone: 01823 337900 Ext. 4340
Fax: 01823 323756 & 0823 284077
Email: adrian.webb@ukho.gov.uk

RESTRICTED ACCESS. The Hydrographic Office, being part of the MoD, is not normally open to members of the public. However, visitors engaged on commercial or historical research are permitted by appointment only, subject to certain restrictions, to consult documents in the Archive.

Content: Ca. 150,000 record copies of British Admiralty navigational and miscellaneous charts, and published chart catalogues; 100,000 hydrographic surveys, reports and geodetic data; 14,000 ocean sounding sheets; 45,000 foreign charts and published chart catalogues; 2,000 aerial photoplots; 3,500 copper plates; 1M. Notices to Mariners; views; atlases; manuscript papers, letters, journal, logs, etc., (mainly 19th century). Other textual hydrographic information held in several hundred thousand files.
Catalogues, card and graphic indexes, continually updated; microfilm and photographic reproductions; loans of data, publications and records; information service.

Copies of documents can be supplied - a scale of charges is available.

A list of record agents is available.

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Reference Number: 10 - Last revised: 04/04/00, Edition 4.

Record Map Library : International Library

Ordnance Survey
Record Map Library
Romsey Road
S09 4DH

Person in charge: Record Map Library Supervisor
Telephone: (023) 8079 2338
Fax: (023) 8079 2070
Email: maplib@ordsvy.gov.uk

Mon-Fri 0900-1200, 1400-1600

Content: Access to general public STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Visitors wishing to use this library must telephone (023) 8079 2338. We will make the necessary arrangements and advise on the fee to be levied. This is also the number to call for clients who require research to be carried out on their behalf.

Circa 750,000 OS maps. Principally for OS reference purposes, but also available for study and research (excluding current editions). Due to damage during WWII the holdings are not complete.

Publisher of official survey maps and plans of England, Scotland and Wales.

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Reference Number: 11 - Last revised: 31/12/04, Edition 4.

Record Map Library : International Library

Ordnance Survey

Following a strategic business review which focussed on providing improved access to and use of the Ordnance Survey International Library a decision was taken to close the contents of the Library to the public from 28 March 2003, and seek a new home for these public records.

Under the direction of The National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office), appropriate institutions have now been found where the records can be lodged for future safe keeping and public access. The records will now be known as The Ordnance Survey International Collection.

For more information follow this link to the OS Website.

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Reference Number: 12 - Last revised: 22/02/10 Edition 6

Land & Property Services
Customer Information Centre

1st Floor, Lincoln Building
27-45 Great Victoria Street

Tel 028 9025 1515
Fax: 028 9025 1659
E: customerservices@lpsni.gov.uk

The LPS Customer Information Centre is open to the Public, Monday - Thursday 9:30am until 4:30pm and Friday 10:00am until 4:30pm for the purchase of ACEmaps, Map Searches, Land Searches, Copy Maps and Queries.

On 1st April 2007, Land & Property Services (LPS) was established as an executive Agency within the Department of Finance and Personnel for Northern Ireland.

The intention to create the Agency was announced in the Review of Public Administration in March 2006.  The Agency has been established initially from the merger of the former Rate Collection Agency and the Valuation and Lands Agency.  This was followed by the addition of Land Registers of Northern Ireland and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland on 1 April 2008.

The Agency is resonsible for mapping Northern Ireland. All maps produced are branded Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland(R).

Content: Circa 16,000 sheets. Comprehensive coverage of Northern Ireland at all scales between 1:500,000 and 1:1,250. Complete County Series 1:10,560 coverage of Northern Ireland bound in large reference volumes (1830-1900).

Land & Property Services makes extensive use of vertical aerial photographs for large scale re-survey and revision projects, and for contouring. Holdings now include film coverage for many parts of Northern Ireland at scales ranging from 1:20,000 to 1:2,600.

Publisher of official survey maps and plans of Northern Ireland.

Large format photocopying available (reduction and enlargement, Al input and AO output).

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