UK Mapping Festival 2018

  • Date: 2 September - 7 September 2018
  • Venue: ILEC Conference Centre, London

A unique collaboration between all those who create, distribute, use and enjoy maps in all their forms.

Involving professional bodies, learned societies, government agencies, commercial companies, educational bodies, interest groups and enthusiasts, working to put on a series of events over a 6 day period during the week of 2nd – 7th September 2018.

The overall aim of the festival is to increase awareness of mapping in its many forms, providing forums for learning how to use maps, training in the latest techniques for creating, managing and displaying maps and educating young and old into the great diversity and rich heritage that are maps past and present.

The festival will be run over the course of 6 days with a number of different events and activities planned. The Festival will take place in London and the main site will be the ILEC Centre near West Brompton.

Outside of the ILEC centre there will be other events at a range of venues across London, some educational, some social with plenty of fun activities inside and out to encourage the next generation of map users and makers.

The UK Mapping Festival 2018 is an initiative of The British Cartographic Society and Society of Cartographers and the organisation is supported by GeoAware, part of The GeoInformation Group.

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