New Maplines Editors!

— News release: 23rd August 2020

Maplines is the Society's membership magazine which goes out to all our members in the UK and around the world.

We are very pleased to announce that Alina Vizireanu and Cristina Andra VrÎnceanu have agreed to become our new Editors for the Summer 2020 Edition.

Alina Vizireanu

Alina is passionate about exploring the world and the space beyond. She studied Geospatial Information Systems and Physical Geography to master’s degree level at University of Bucharest, Romania, in 2010. She pursued her studies as part of summer schools’ programmes provided by Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) focusing on Emergency Disaster and Black Sea Marine Environment. This experience gave her a thirst for working in multi-disciplinary teams.

Alina has been working for Affinity Water UK for five years.The water utility company covers three different areas in England, serving parts of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Greater London, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Kent. Alina is part of the IT Service Delivery team. She specialises in design, analysis, implementation and application of geospatial projects, mainly focusing on the strategic goals of the organisation. As well as her full-time work, Alina also volunteers for variousorganisations that support her interests as Membership Manager at SpaceGenerationCouncil for the UN, and STEM Ambassador for Central England.

It is as STEM Ambassador that Alina empowers women and youth to follow STEM activities in their careers. She is a member of BCS, AGI, Women in Geospatial+ and the British Interplanetary Association.

Cristina Andra VrÎnceanu

Cristina is a postgraduate research student with the University of Nottingham’s Geospatial Institute, developing algorithms for the detection and mapping of natural hydrocarbon pollution offshore, using satellite data and a variety of new technologies.

Her background is in business and research, having previously worked as a GIS specialist on national projects in Romania,for a leading Romanian IT company. The company specialised in the development and implementation of software applications in various sectors including environment, transport, cadaster, government and e-health.

She has also worked as an Earth Observation Data Applications Engineer, at the European Space Agency.  Her main project was developing an automated method for detecting off-shore oil seepage using high-resolution SAR and optical satellite data.

Apart from her research, Cristina volunteers for several organisations: by promoting open geospatial solutions (charter member of OSGeo and; cartography (Romanian Cartographic Association Project Manager); space technologies in STEM education (Space Generation Advisory Council) and gender equity (Women in Geospatial+).

She collects antique maps, hikes, collects rocks and you can find out more about her interests from her blog:

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Published by: Caroline Robinson

Caroline Robinson