About the British Cartographic Society

Founded in 1963, the British Cartographic Society (BCS) is a charity registered in England and Wales (No.240034) that offers a unique forum for exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge on all aspects of maps and mapmaking.

The BCS is regarded as one of the world's leading cartographic societies and our publications and events showcase the latest developments in mapping, facilitating knowledge exchange and contributing to industry and the future of the discipline.

We define cartography as the art, science and technology of mapmaking. Our activities aim to promote all aspects of maps and mapmaking and advance cartography, in theory and practice, in society today.

We raise awareness of the importance of good-quality cartography through an extensive outreach and education programme and our membership includes mapping companies, publishers, designers, academics, researchers, map curators, individual cartographers, GIS specialists and ordinary members of the public with an interest in maps.

Our Restless Earth workshops and Better Mapping seminars, for example, demonstrate the importance of good cartography to new generations of mapmakers in schools and for professional mapmakers at work, while our wide range of Awards recognizes excellence in cartographic design and research.

As a BCS Member, you can also join one or more of our active Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which provide more focus on a particular aspect of maps and cartography: Map Design, Map Curators, Historical Military Mapping and GIS. Each SIG runs events such as workshops and specially-organised visits and the opportunity to join a specialist community. You can also get together with a group of like-minded members and set up your own SIG!

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