Special Interest Groups

Membership of the Society represents a wide range of cartographic interests. To cater for these we have established the following Special Interest Groups or 'SIGs':

3D Group (3DG)

The 3D Group (3DG) is for anybody interested in the exciting world of 3D GIS and cartography. Real or fictional, proprietary or open, science or arts, we aim to promote discussion on the challenges and opportunities that new technologies (hardware and software) are bringing. We’re hoping to attract more than just GIS professionals, programmers, and cartographers to this group. The broad subject of 3D intertwines with several industries, we also want to bring in entertainment industry professionals, architectural visualisation specialists and more. Professional tools and technologies are blurring the boundaries between the worlds of entertainment, architecture, planning, GIS and cartography. Let’s learn from each other and provide help to those who are eager to learn. If you work with 3D software or technologies join us. We aim to hold 3D events at least a couple of times a year, provide training days and we welcome discussions online via social media through the hashtag on twitter of #3DGBCS. The Convener of the 3D Group is Elliot Hartley.

GIS Group (GIS)

The GIS SIG is the group for anybody interested in how to get the best cartographic output from their GIS software. We aim to meet twice a year for activities including software-specific “how to” workshops, lectures on the use of GIS and charity-focussed “Mapathons”. If you’d like to join the group please get in touch via the Google Group or contact the BCS Administration Office.

The Map Design Group (MDG)

The Map Design Group (MDG) is the forum for discussion and exchange of ideas on the principles of good cartographic design. It offers a place for direct communication between industry experts, students and members of any background but with a focus on the professional specialism of cartography. It is a place to debate and better our shared understanding, it is a platform to teach others what we know and to learn what we do not, and it is an open forum to exchange anything of relevance. The Convener of the Map Design Group is Chris Wesson.

The Map Curators' Group (MCG)

Th Map Curators' Group (MCG) is the Special Interest Group for librarians, map historians, map collectors, map archivists and anyone who is interested in maps. It is a lively group and welcomes new members.  A newsletter, Cartographiti, is issued up to three times per year and contributions are welcomed. An annual workshop on an appropriate theme and a specialist visit is arranged every year. The group organizes training days for those who are new to dealing with maps. We also maintain the Map Curators' Toolbox, an online source of information and help for map curators, librarians and archivists. The Convener is Paula Williams.

Historical Military Mapping Group (HMMG)

This Historical Military Mapping Group (HMMG) provides the point of contact and a forum for discussion for those interested in or engaged in research into any aspect of the history of military survey and mapping. Members have a very wide range of interests, although there is a focus on 19th and 20th century military survey and mapping. Talks and visits are regular features of the group's activities. In April 2015, the group toured France, visiting the battlefields of three wars. The group held a workshop in York in September 2015 on the development of British military mapping over the past 100 years in memory of the late Dr Ian Mumford, with talks on the First World War,  the Second World War, and on the period since 1945. The group made visits to RAF Northolt in August 2016 (touring AIDU, AHB and the Sector Ops Room) and to the British Library in January 2017 (touring the 20th century map exhibition). A newsletter is issued periodically. Ideas for events and activities from members are very welcome, as are offers of support for the Convener. The posts of Secretary and Newsletter Editor are currently unfilled. The Convener of the Historical Military Mapping Group is John Peaty.


Please Contact Us for further information on joining a SIG or download the Groups membership application form and post to the Administration Office (address details are on the form). The BCS encourages the creation of new SIGs where the need arises and proposals are welcome, so please Contact Us if you have an idea.


These are groups set up by the BCS by invitation to address certain issues. They report their findings to the Society and to the wider cartographic community as a whole.

UK Cartography Committee (UKCC)

The UKCC is established to represent the UK cartographic community in all matters concerning the relationship of the UK with the International Cartographic Association (ICA) and with other appropriate national and international organizations.