MCG Toolbox 8: Other Resources and Miscellaneous

Higher Education Resources :: Dating a map :: Security issues :: Co-operative ventures :: Miscellaneous

Higher Education Resources

There are a number of datasets available to Higher Education establishments through JISC agreements.

  • Digimap - delivers Ordnance Survey - and other - online maps and data for mapping to subscribing institutions in Higher Education and schools. Run by EDINA (but from August 2018 no longer funded by Jisc who have a new Geospatial Data Service provided by Airbus)
  • UK Data Service Census Geography - provides access to and support for, all census geography products 1971-2011. Includes boundary data for the UK, both current and historical, for thematic and statistical mapping
  • Landmap - provided orthorectified satellite image mosaics of Landsat, SPOT and ERS radar data and a high resolution Digital Elevation Model for the British Isles. No longer funded but some data still avaiable.

Dating a map

Security issues

  • From the History of Cartography gateway website, articles about and links to information about the thefts of early maps, including a report on the seminar “Responding to Theft” held in 2002 at the National Library of Wales

Co-operative ventures

Miscellaneous but interesting!

These pages were compiled by: April Carlucci (British Library Map Library); Tinho da Cruz (Department of Geography, University of Liverpool), and; Anne Taylor (Cambridge University Library). They are maintained by the Map Curators' Group of the BCS. Colleagues are requested to help keep this information current by suggesting corrections or additions