Alice Gadney

Restless Earth Coordinator of the British Cartographic Society, Alice has been actively involved in the BCS since joining in 2001. She became a Fellow in 2013, an Editor of Maplines 2014 and was a Council Member prior to the current position. Importance of cartographic education is a key priority for her, keeping the UKs Geography teachers upto date with Cartographic Information for the GCSE/H5 and A-Level/Highers students, delivered in a practical class-based workshop.

Alice's interest in cartography was triggered on her year out in Chicxulub, Mexico while helping on the International Crater Expedition in 1996. A couple years later on a 6 week geological mapping expedition at Royal Holloway, University of London, her passion for mapping was put into practise. Mapping the area around Nijar, Almeria with 1960's base mapping, contours crossing and stopping was certainly an eye opener - especially on the sides of steep sided mountains! Creating her own geological map of the area confirmed the excitement - especially after receiving one of the best marks of the year for the map!

Oxford Brookes University, Post Graduate Diploma in Cartography provided the training and understanding behind the discipline. Jobs in the public and private sector have included Transport for London, FWT, The Crown Estate, Map Marketing Ltd, PGS Reservoir and OMV (UK). Today, with her own Mapping consultancy Silver7 Mapping Limited, she works with Urban Graphics to start an Interactive Map revolution in UK Local Planning Authorities.

Organising and administering the Restless Earth Workshops is a super job! From the initial inquiry of the teacher, to the delivery of the session at the school, the super individual maps created and the ultimate outcome is that there are more children and teachers aware of the importance of Cartography in Geography and pretty much every other subject!

When she is not knee deep in maps, atlases and colouring pencils, Alice loves fossil hunting and looking at local and new geological sites, photography, Natural History and teaching people young and old about maps.

To contact Alice about the BCS Restless Earth Workshops please see this link.