2016 BCS Awards

The British Cartographic Society Award

Winner - Pitch Perfect: Kenneth Field


Stanfords Award for Printed Mapping

Winner - Pitch Perfect: Kenneth Field

pitchperfectweb    pitchperfect3

Judges' Comments: "A lovely infographic that truly combines the art and science of cartography. A fantastic concept, that is innovative, engaging and interesting. A must have for any football fan and the sort of product that you can pore over for hours and still find something new. A highly individual presentation that very clearly gets its message across."

Highly Commended - 2120 North Sea - Nieuwport to Den Helder Chart Atlas: Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson Ltd
Judges' Comments: "An impressive set of maps reflecting the publisher’s expertise in the field. Very clear, fit for purpose cartography that is comprehensive in its coverage of the subject area. A modern, clean look and feel with easily distinguishable colours and clear symbology."

Highly CommendedSnowdonia North Ultramap: Harvey Maps
Judges' Comments: "A very well designed product to suit the walking/trekking community. The smaller size and waterproof material are ideally suited to the target market. The scale suits the size of the product and although the text is rather small in places, overall clarity is very good."

Commended - Map of The Plays of Shakespeare: Jane Tomlinson

Commended - Attention All Shipping: Jane Tomlinson

Commended - Nighttime City Maps: Marc Khachfe, Oh My Maps

Commended - Western Arabia Terra: Margaritifer Terra and Schiparelli: Chris Wesson, Ordnance Survey

Commended - Collins World Atlas Complete Edition: Collins Bartholomew

Commended - The Western Isles: David Barbour, Stirling Surveys

Commended - Graham Land and South Shetland Islands/Scotia Sea BAS (UKAHT) Sheets 1A and 1B: Adrian Fox, British Antarctic Survey

Commended - TO360 Wayfinding Downtown Pilot: Juan Rioseco, Steer Davies Gleave Ltd

Avenza Award for Electronic Mapping

Winner - OS Maps App: Ordnance Survey
os-maps-3     os-maps-screen

Judges' Comments: "A super application that is very easy to plan routes on. It has a familiar feel based on a well-tested OS brand but adds so much more than paper maps alone can provide. Innovative and flexible across platforms it is certainly an impressive addition to the OS product portfolio."

Highly Commended - (Is there) Life on Mars?: Kenneth Field
Judges' Comments: "Excellent piece of work that makes full use of the interactive element and as a result is much more engaging than its paper version. A surprisingly detailed map that needs to be fully explored to appreciate the work that has gone into production. One of several Martian entries this year, this stood out from the rest."

Highly Commended - Yarra River Precinct, Melbourne: Visualvoice
Judges' Comments: "A great application with very clear maps, good use of icons and a lot of detail clearly portrayed. The level of interaction is good with photos to help orientation and links to appropriate websites. It does Melbourne proud and would be a really useful tool for visitors to the city."

John C Bartholomew Award for Thematic Mapping

Winner - Attention All Shipping: Jane Tomlinson

Attention all shipping     attention-all-shipping-beaufort-scale-detail

Judges' Comments: "Excellent communication of a clear and much-loved theme through a clever blend of cartography and art. The map style may not be entirely new, but this is a new, interesting and engaging portrayal of the subject, with a clear eye on its romance. Images, text, key and thoughtful use of terms from the Shipping forecast combine to make a highly attractive and fun product."

Highly Commended - Election Pollocks: Kenneth Field

Judges' Comments: "Highly innovative and 'cheeky' presentation of a topical and contentious theme. Interesting fusion of cartography and art, with the interactive version adding detailed stories to the patterns. Great demonstration of what technology and imagination can achieve. Good to look at, and the nod to Jackson Pollock is clever."

Commended - UConn Huskies Women’s Basketball: Four Consecutive National Championships, 2013­-2016: David Glassett

Commended - 2150 Wadenzee-Den Helder to Nordernley Chart Atlas: Pip Wilson, Imray Lorie Norie & Wilson Ltd

OS OpenData Award for Excellence in the use of OpenData

Winner - Every Person in Scotland Mapped: Heikki Vesanto

Judges' Comments: "At first glance it would be easy to dismiss as trivial but Heikki has intelligently linked open census data with open map data to show geographic patterns across Scotland purely by use of population. In doing so he has shown the high level of detail one can accomplish using open sources as well as displaying both the know-how of how to combine such data and present it in a very well-working web map. By design or by chance, it is one of those maps that you can simply explore for hours."

Highly Commended - Pitch Perfect: Kenneth Field

Judges' Comments: "This was our 'one to watch' prior to judging due to the instant visual impact it makes. As well as a good, well-presented, design; it was clear to see the amount of time and effort that had gone into this and for any football fan or indeed anyone who is subconsciously mathematically-minded the poster draws you in to becoming far more interested in things like pitch dimensions and orientation than you may have ever thought possible!"

Ian Mumford Award for Excellence in Cartographic Research

Winner - Visualising Geographical Information in Augmented Reality: A case study using Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat: Trevor Draeseke, University of Edinburgh

Judges' Comments: "Trevor's dissertation was an excellent piece of cartographic research that involved the design and evaluation of an original concept and its application. They also thought it was very well written and wish Trevor the best of success as he pursues the publication of his work."

Henry Johns Award for the best Cartographic Journal Article

Winner - How Do Map Readers Recognize a Topographic Mapping Style?: Jérémie Ory, Sidonie Christophe, Sara Fabrikant and Bénédicte Bucher

Judges' Comments: "The paper makes an important contribution to an emerging area of research in topographic mapping. This particular study determines which graphical characteristics play a role in the recognition of the cartographic style of a topographic map produced by IGN, France (either by visual memory or by visual perception), and identify the representation of relief, including contour lines and shaded relief, as the major characteristics of the style. The judges praised the originality and potentially far-reaching implications of the paper for national mapping agencies and for other mapping producers."