Better Mapping – Presentations (28th June 2018, Cardiff)

Thank you for attending the Better Mapping seminar on 28th June 2018 in Cardiff.

You can download the presentations in PDF format using the links below.

Session Name Presenter
1 RGS-IBG Introduction James Kendall
2 Introduction BCS Chris Wesson
3 AGI Cymru and Local Projects Adam Burke
4 The Trend to Consume Maps as a Service Warren Vick
5 Mapping & Online Resources of RCAHMW Jon Dolley & Tom Pert
6 Chartered Geographer James Kendall
7 Bad Maps and Why Good is Better Mary Spence
8 Defining the Project Mary Spence
9 Sources, Types & Formats of Map Data Chris Wesson
10 Data Preparation Warren Vick
11 Cartographic Design Principles Chris Wesson
12 Generalisation & Filtering Mary Spence
13 Making the Map Mary Spence
14 Thematic Mapping Giles Darkes
15 Colour and Style Chris Wesson
16 Designing for the Web Warren Vick
17 UK Mapping Festival 2018 Chris Wesson & Adam Burke

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