Better Mapping – Presentations (11th September 2019, Southampton)

Thank you for attending the Better Mapping seminar on 11th September 2019 at Ordnance Survey in Southampton. This was also day one of the BCS/SoC Conference 2019.

You can download the presentations (where available) in PDF format using the links below.

Session Name Presenter
1 Welcome & Introduction Richard Carpenter
2 He's got the whole round world in his hands - map scales and projections Giles Darkes
3 Tools of the trade - project management in cartography Clare Seldon
4 Return of the OS road map - renaissance or rehash? Mark Wolstenholme
5 Principles and generalisation in 2019 Chris Wesson
6 What's below the cartographer's desert? Liam Mason
7 Map critiquing Charley Glynn
8 Laying the foundations for a better map Chris Wesson
9 Colourful language - effective use of colour in maps Warren Vick
10 Thematic mapping: decisions, decisions! Dr Kenneth Field
11 Challenging the conventions of modern map making Jennifer Johnston
12 Terrain visualization Charley Glynn
13 From Winterfell to the Narrow Sea Dr Jon Roberts
(via video link from NYC)
14 Mary's top 10 of what not to do Mary Spence MBE

If you have any questions about this event or the Better Mapping seminars, please Contact Us.