Career profiles: Paul Hesp


Assistant editor, kibbutz worker, research fellow (Leiden University, 1981–1983) and finally in-house consultant, UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO, 1984–2013).

Place of work

UNIDO is located in Vienna, Austria.

What qualifications do you have and what training have you had?

‘Doctoraal’ (MA+) in geography, Amsterdam University, 1979. Training in various unrelated activities.

What is the best part of your role?

Kibbutz work and work for UNIDO on regional development issues in Central/Eastern Europe during the 1990s.

What is your favourite map that you've drawn, seen or used?

Can’t give a simple answer here! I have not drawn maps since sketching route maps for my contributions to a Dutch outdoor magazine in the early 1980s. Of the maps seen, three stick out: (a) the 12th century Yu Ji Tu map of China; (b) the late 19th/early 20th century 1:25 000 maps of the Dutch topographic service; (c) the early 20th century 1:25 000 maps of the High Alps of the Austrian Alpine Club. Of the maps used: OS 1:50 000, sheet 36, Grantown and Aviemore (successive editions).  

Dutch topographic map 1:25 000, sheet 446 Zeist (1872/1906)

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