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United Kingdom

Dorset Land Surveying has a professional integrated service providing a one-stop shop for all your engineering and surveying requirements. Our wide range of services covers all stages of the development process.
Site Investigation - Topographical surveys, drainage surveys, measured building surveys, elevations, street scenes, monitoring, tree surveys.
Design - Civil engineering design, digital site layouts, Section 104 drainage design, Section 38 road design, setting out calculations, 3D modelling and site layouts.
Construction - Setting out services - roads, sewers, piles, foundations and grid lines. Quality control measurements and planning compliance measurements.
Completion - As constructed surveys and post construction monitoring.
Miscellaneous - Transfer plans, boundary reports, expert witness service, digital mapping, void calculations, stock calculations, river bed surveys and cross sections.

Our Surveyors are always available to discuss the details of your project and will ensure your specifications and deadlines are met to the highest standard.

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