Lambeth Palace

Key Information

  • Collection Name: Lambeth Palace Library
  • Reference Number: 069
  • Date of last revision: 17 October 2012
  • Address: Lambeth Palace Road, London SE1 7JU
  • Person in charge: Mr Giles Mandelbrote
  • Contact telephone number(s): (020) 7898 1400
  • Website:
  • Opening hours: Mon -Tues, Thurs-Fri 10-5; Weds 10.30-5 Closed : Ten days from Good Friday and ten days from Christmas Eve
  • Access: Open to bona fide students.
    Readers ticket required
    For wheelchair access, contact library in advance.
    For enquiries, please choose the appropriate contact link on website
    Proof of identity required

Content: A few maps are held within the general collection (mainly within the Printed Books sequence), but of more particular note are the following manuscript collections: MAP AND DESCRIPTION OF HERTFORDSHIRE BY JOHN NORDEN (1597); MAPS AND SURVEY OF THE PLANTATIONS OF LONDONDERRY BY SIR THOMAS PHILLIPS (1624); and MAPS AND PLANS OF THE ESTATES OF THE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY (Kent, Lancashire and Surrey , 17th-19th centuries).

Publications of note Include A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library - In 3 vols. (E.G.W. Bill, 1972-83).

Published by: Clare Gordon

Clare Gordon