Restless Earth 2015-2016

What an amazing year we have had - our 5th year taking the Workshop around the country and finishing on our 101st Session on the 28th June!

IMG_4128 IMG_4153

This year we have visited 35 Schools, from Kendal to Southampton and Penarth to Mildenhall. BCS Restless Earth 2015-16 . We have seen over 3300 students who have made over 1400 Maps!

I have the books of Winners and Commendations and they are awaiting to be judged! The Results will be announced at this years Annual Symposium in Cheltenham!

I would like to say Thank You to Peter Jones, who I took over from in November 2015. He has steered the workshop into a regular spot for many of the schools who are Educational members and positively look forward to our visit every year.

Also, I would like to say Thank You to the Volunteers - especially ones who have run the show on their own - I really could not coordinate this. More so their companies too - for allowing them to share their expertise with the next generation of Geographers!

A huge Thank You aswell goes to Fernando Menendez from EOSGIS in Spain, who has created two 3D models for the Japanses Tsunami Disaster. They replicate the base maps which the children use and they aid the visualisation of topography from the flat maps..not all of us can see the mountains popping out of the papers!

Finally I would like to say the biggest Thank You to our sponsors - The Great British Sasakawa Foundation and The Japan Society, Esri, Sterling Geo, Urban Graphics, DGC, RGS, BGS, MapAction and ShelterBox. It is fantastic you can support us and we can support you too! 3300 plus students have learned about your organisations and hopefully will relate the time spent with the volunteers and BCS to future Natural Disasters that occur, and who knows may even be Cartographers/Geographers one day!

The results of the Teachers questionnaire: Survey Results 2015-2016

The student Feedback: Kids feedback

2016-2017 will be a challenging year, however I am working hard over the Summer Holidays to set up some more dates. Please see the Events section for dates. Map of 2016-17 Restless Earth Workshops

I will need more volunteers to run the Workshops this year, so I will post a 'How to' on the website along with the presentation once its completed with all new branding.

Here's the map for events in 2016-17 :Restless Earth Events 2016-17  Map