Fellowship of the British Cartographic Society is bestowed by Council upon Members who have made a significant contribution to the cartographic profession and/or who have been long-standing Members of the Society.

Our Fellows are distinguished members of the cartographic community and are entitled to use the post-nominal FBCartS. Our Fellowship is international and comprises leading lights in cartography from all over the world.

Admission to the BCS Fellowship indicates a sufficiently strong contribution to cartography and/or a long-term membership of the British Cartographic Society. Candidates must have a minimum of ten years' experience in cartography, which could include periods spent in higher education, practice, management, or research. Fellowship is conferred without recourse to peer review upon BCS Members who have held membership of the Society for 25 years or more.

In addition to the full range of benefits afforded to our Full Members, BCS Fellows are entitled to use the post-nominal FBCartS and to attend special events, such as exclusive visits, lunches, and talks.

Applications for Fellowship are welcome from all BCS Members who have held two or more years' membership of the British Cartographic Society. Fellowship is conferred by BCS Council, which meets around five times per year and applications should be directed to the Chair of Membership Committee. Please read the notes for guidance before submitting your application form (available for download below).