Membership Categories and Subscriptions

The categories and rates below are applicable for the membership year 2018, commencing 1 January 2018.

Membership of the Society is open to anyone who has an interest in cartography. See Benefits of Membership for further details on each membership category.

Please select the appropriate category of membership listed below and click the associated price to join or renew. Alternatively, download and complete the Membership Form.

Membership type (new applications and renewals)
Normal membership cost Airmail membership cost (overseas members only)
FULL MEMBERS Persons over 18 years of age who normally are, or have been, professionally engaged in mapping or associated fields, or who have a substantial interest in maps or cartography. £40.00 £55.00
AFFILIATE MEMBERS Persons of any age and who have an interest in maps and cartography. £20.00 £35.00
STUDENT MEMBERS Persons of any age that are engaged in full-time education and who have an interest in maps and cartography (proof of status required;  students should send a photo of their current student ID card and provide their academic email address). £20.00 £35.00
CORPORATE MEMBERS Organisations interested directly in cartography, such as government departments, manufacturers of cartographic equipment, or map publishing companies. £240.00
£258.00 *
SMALL CORPORATE MEMBERS Cartographic businesses with fewer than 20 employees or with an annual turnover of less than £500,000 (or equivalent). £120.00
£138.00 *
EDUCATIONAL MEMBERS Educational establishments, such as schools, colleges and universities. £72.00
£90.00 *
FELLOWS Existing Full members meeting the criteria for professional competence upon whom the Council may see fit to confer Fellowship status. £60.00 £75.00

* VAT on overseas Corporate, Small Corporate and Educational Membership is zero rated for organisations outside the European Union, or within the EU who can provide their local sales tax/VAT number.

All members are expected to support and adhere to the Society's Code of Ethics.