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A Paddler’s Guide to the Schuylkill River Water in the spotlight

There were some excellent entries to this years BCS awards including the Paddler’s Guide to the Schuylkill River Water.

This map was commended in the Stanfords Award for printed mapping and this recognition has now been picked up by a couple of news outlets in the cartographers home country.

The judges comments "A thorough, usable guide for planning and executing a trip along the river – appeals to everyone with lots of associated information, clearly laid out, good clear photography and labels. Maps have all associated contextual information. A very useable guide. The map meets the intended use and portrays a lot of information to plan a river trip. Clear mapping. Good use of mapping within a wider setting – very much enhanced by the explanatory text. Large scale enables clear labelling and plenty of supplementary detail. Facilities clearly shown in individual boxes. Nice to see a drop shadow. Hillshading and drainage don’t always fit."

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