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Sharing your cartographic knowledge – the new BCS-Forum

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

For many years, the Carto-SoC email forum provided a successful platform for cartographers around the world to discuss and offer technical solutions and ideas. It remained in regular use by members of the BCS and the Society of Cartographers (and many non-members) until its recent closure.

The BCS recognises the enormous positive impact that Carto-SoC has had on advancing cartographic skills and knowledge over many years and is committed to supporting their ongoing development within and beyond our professional community. It is important that this valuable and friendly means of sharing expertise is not lost.

To this end, the BCS has established the BCS-Forum, in the same spirit as described by Graham Allsopp, who managed Carto-SoC for the Society of (University) Cartographers, i.e. “to foster and advance practical cartographic knowledge in a friendly and informal setting”. Carto-SoC was very much an SoC team effort, supported through the years by many Committee members, in particular Graham Allsopp, Mike Shand, Steve Chilton and Miles Irving.

In doing so, we aim to encourage practising cartographers, and those working in associated fields such as data visualisation, to ask questions of any level, and to facilitate the free sharing of expertise without prejudice and for the benefit of all.

We welcome you all to join the BCS-Forum.

Please note, the BCS Code of Ethics applies to this group.

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