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Help make our Communities and Cities Greener and Smarter

Geovation & Ordnance Survey are excited to announce that their 11th Geovation Challenge has launched today. In this unique competition, you can turn your bright ideas into serious business propositions to help create greener, smarter communities for future generations to live in.

Innovate UK and the Northumbrian Water Group are backing and sponsoring the challenge. They will also be assisting the team of experts on an intensive 3-day all-expenses paid Camp and Conference that will help those whose ideas have been identified as potentially having the greatest impact develop their ideas to the next stage whereby they’re ready to seek funding.

It doesn’t matter if you are eighteen or eighty, so long as your idea can help transform for the better the way we live. For that you will receive our backing and support to help turn that idea into a viable business. To find out more about the Challenge and to enter visit:

The Challenge runs until 29 November 2017 and is open to UK-based organisations or residents, aged 18 or over. The Geovation Camp and Conference takes place in London in 14-16 February 2018.

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