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IMIA and BCS: Where cartography meets industry

Date: 25 May 2022

Time: 6–7.15 pm BST

Free to BCS, IMIA and CaGIS members

Non-members $25

Register via the IMIA website.

In this virtual event, a panel of experts will discuss the varied treatments of publicly accessible land on different continents and illustrate how geospatial data initiatives and public-private partnerships can sustain a healthy retail ecosystem for commercial map products.

The presentations and panel discussion will end with a live Q&A session. Then we will rotate in smaller groups for valuable introductions and further discussion.


Seppe Cassettari, Director, GeoHistoric and President of BCS

Jim Goldsmith, Senior Production Manager, Cartographic Production, Ordnance Survey, and Publications Chair and Awards Officer of BCS

Dan Puskar, President and CEO Public Lands Alliance


Bridger Deville, Sales and Marketing Director, Benchmark Maps

This virtual event is brought to you jointly by the British Cartographic Society and the International Map Industry Association. Through our affiliate partnership, we seek to expand our educational outreach and to promote the membership value in both organisations.

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