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International Cartographic Exhibition

ICC 2021, Firenze Italy, December 14–18

The International Cartographic Association (ICA) meets for its 30th International Cartographic Conference in Florence in December. As part of the conference there will be an exhibition of cartographic products from around the world published since March 2019.

Entries are invited in 7 categories:

· Printed maps

· Charts

· Atlases

· Digital products

· Digital services

· Educational cartographic products

· Other cartographic products (including globes, tactile maps, etc)

More information about the exhibition is available at:

For ALL entries, you must provide appropriate information and supply an image of the product (jpeg or tiff) with a minimum resolution of 300dpi. For maps this should be the full image or a suitable extract; for atlases this should be the cover; for digital products and services this could be a screenshot; for education products it should be appropriate, as above; for ‘other products’ it should be a picture. These will be used for the illustrated exhibition catalogue and, following recent practice, UK entries will feature in The Cartographic Journal.

By submitting an entry, appropriate use of the product is granted to ICA and BCS for exhibition and archiving.

If the number of submissions exceeds our allocated display space the UKCC will select the most representative entries from those submitted.

If you have any questions regarding any aspects of this invitation please contact David Forrest by email. Meanwhile, I look forward to receiving your contributions.

David Forrest PhD, FBCart.S

Chair, UK Committee for Cartography

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