British Cartographic Society – Better Mapping

  • Date: 11 September 2019, 09:30 - 17:15
  • Venue: Ordnance Survey, Adanac Park, Adanac Drive, Southampton, SO16 0AS

Better Mapping
BSC-SoC Conference | Southampton 2019

However you use, share or visualize geographic information, whether through traditional cartography or any form of Geographic Information Systems, the need to understand how to create better maps is paramount. With use of geospatial data at an all-time high, never before has the importance of understanding the fundamentals of good map design been greater. A poorly designed map can at least diminish effective communication of information to users and at worst result in misled and even dangerous decision making.

Better Mapping promotes good cartographic practice to the mapping industry and beyond. Our day of seminars features a number of expert presenters, covering a range of topics and techniques that are designed to help you improve the quality, accuracy and effectiveness of your maps and presentation of geospatial data.

Programme - 11th September 2019 - Ordnance Survey Head Office, Southampton

09:30 - 10:00
Registration & Refreshments

10:00 - 10:15
Welcome and Introduction: BCS and making maps better
Richard Carpenter, UK Hydrographic Office (BCS President)

Getting started
When creating a map, one must first gain true insight into user requirements but also source and prepare data — with an understanding of different data types and formats — as well as plan and then manage the project.

10:15 - 10:40
He’s got the whole round world in his hands — Map Scales and Projection
Giles Darkes, Freelance

10:40 - 11:05
Tools of the Trade — Project Management in Cartography
Clare Seldon, Steer

11:05 - 11:30
Return of the OS Road Map — Renaissance or rehash?
Mark Wolstenholme, Ordnance Survey

11:30 - 11:50

What makes a good map
There are no hard and fast rules with cartography, however experience teaches us some tried and tested techniques that will promote better mapping.

11:50 - 12:10
Principles and Generalisation in 2019 
Christopher Wesson, ESRI Global

12:10 - 12:35
What’s below the cartographer’s desert?
Liam Mason, Marine Scotland

12:35 - 13:00
Map critiquing
Group Exercise - led by Charley Glynn, Ordnance Survey

13:00 - 14:00

14:00 - 14:15
Laying the foundations for a better map: A follow-up exercise to the critique
Group Exercise - led by Christopher Wesson, ESRI Global

Improved understanding through appearance
Good cartography depends upon the successful communication of a map’s information. There are a number of specialist techniques we can share beyond principles, in particular for certain types of map.

14:15 - 14:40
Colourful language – effective use of colour in maps
Warren Vick, Europa Technologies

14:40 - 15:05
Thematic mapping: decisions decisions!
Dr. Kenneth Field, ESRI

15:05 - 15:30
Challenging the conventions of modern map making 
Jennifer Johnston, Inspirit Cartographics

15:30 - 16:00

16:00 - 16:25
Terrain visualization
Charley Glynn, Ordnance Survey

16:25 - 16:50
From Winterfell to the Narrow Sea:
What I Learned From Creating The Lands of Ice and Fire
Dr. Jon Roberts, Fantastic Maps (via video link from NYC)


16:50 - 17:15
Mary’s Top 10 of What Not To Do
Mary Spence MBE, Cartographic Design Consultant

17:15 Close

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