Mapping Escapes in World War II: M19’s wartime escape and evasion mapping programme


Presented by: Dr Barbara Bond MBE PhD FRGS
Date: 10 December
Time: 7.30–9 pm
Location: virtual event, registration via Eventbrite (details will be sent out to members via email – contact admin@cartography.org.uk if you haven’t received an email)

The British Cartographic Society is indebted to the Royal Geographical Society for their kind permission in allowing us to show the video lecture presented by Barbara Bond to our members. The lecture was originally delivered to the RGS in London on 22 January 2018.

Barbara's lecture covers the background and role of MI9, its map production programme and the involvement of commercial companies, and the methods of getting the escape aids and maps into the PoW camps. She describes the coded correspondence with the camps and how the code worked. The ingenious work carried out in the camps by the PoWs, planning and executing the escapes, is described and Airey Neave's escape from Colditz is used as an example of how the maps aided successful escapes.

Barbara is not able to give her lecture live due to the unreliable internet connection in her part of the country. She has, however, kindly agreed to be available online to take questions immediately after the lecture and we have planned a back-up option should her connection fail.

Dr Barbara Bond, Past-President and silver medallist of the British Cartographic Society, spent her career as a cartographic researcher in the Ministry of Defence, initially in what is now the Defence Geographic Centre, and later in the UK Hydrographic Office where she became the senior civilian Director and Deputy Chief Executive. She is the former Pro-Chancellor of Plymouth University where she completed her PhD. As a result of her doctoral degree and a long-standing interest in M19 and its unique WWII escape and evasion mapping programme, she published her book Great Escapes.


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