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Quote, paraphrase and plagiarism In the dissertation, we mainly use two types of citation: either we quote the author to reinforce our thoughts and conclusions with him, or because the quoted text want to interpret and comment - also suitable if we do not understand the quoted thoughts alone and we want to discuss them. There are also rules for using quotation marks, of which the most important are: 1. Always make sure that the quotes are the correct length, exactly relevant to the topic, not too many and not too few. Quotes should not dominate the dissertation in the body of the text, although it's impossible to pinpoint exactly what percentage would be desirable because it also depends on the topic and how it's handled. A dissertation based on text analysis obviously has more citations than a historical work. It is very important to analyze your text because it can contain many errors, but how and who can do this? The teacher or essay writer ( can analyze your text. You can usually say that he is on the side; a longer continuous quote is already too long. If we feel that we need it, or would like to omit it, then it is better to insert it as a separate appendix at the end of the dissertation, and refer only to the appendix in the text. 2. Do not quote unnecessarily. You don't have to call everyone for help. That the sun usually rises in the east, or that water usually boils at a hundred degrees, we can determine for ourselves. 3. The absence of a comment on a quote means that we share the thoughts contained in it, and is intended to support our own reasoning. 4. Links must be verifiable. In each case, indicate the author and source and where you are buy assignment online, we must note this, otherwise we will commit plagiarism, which we will discuss in detail below. 5. It is advisable to indicate the source on the basis of the original (first) edition. (For the Bible, obviously not applies.) 6. When explicitly referring to the author of an essay ( or a work in the text, one should not misunderstand where the sentences come from. It is desirable that this be disclosed even if the reader does not view the quote. 7. Quote sections of no more than two or three lines per paragraph in quotation marks. Obviously we need to quote in this way, even if we only include one member or phrase from our own in our phrase. It is better to separate a longer quote from the text: put it in a separate paragraph, skip the line before and after it, and separate it from the main text in a different font, font size or italics. If we do that, we don't need to expand the quotes because the quotes are already there. they seem detached from the dissertation text. Whichever solution we choose, use it consistently.

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