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Is there a job where I can get paid to learn languages?

That is not a military job. I only have a high school diploma and homework help web site licence, but I love people, places, and languages. I am very smart and my dream is to speak as many languages as possible. I don't mind working hard, but I am not very interested in going to college. I was wondering if there is a job like this where I don't need to go to college and what I would need to do to get a job like this if there is one. I love helping and talking to people, I am young and I do not have a lot of money.I said not a military job

I want to learn languages.. Popular ones?

I made a list of languages I would like to learn, but I feel as if I'm forgetting some that I'd like to add to the list.. I already know English, though, obviously, even though it's on the list.Here's the list, so don't put these in the answers.

What are some sources to learn languages?

I'm looking for an economical no Rosetta Stone way to learn to read write speak some foreign languages. I feel confident that books from any book store could help me with my literacy but I'm worried about pronunciation and accents something that books somewhat fall short in . I am unable to take any classes and I can't spend too much money but I still have a budget to use . Got any suggestions from studydaddy service?

How can I improve my success at learning languages?

I did French at school and, though I learnt a lot of vocabulary and grasped basic grammar, at the end of 5 years I could still barely hold a conversation in it. Then I studied modern Greek as I knew native speakers so could practise with them, but again did not develop much fluency in conversation, though I could read romantic novels and cookery books quite easily. Similarly with 3 other languages How can I do better? I study conscientiously and look out for opportunities to practise

Learning languages : French and Italian, reading and speaking.. when and how to learn the best way?

I'm trying to learn french and italian on my own. SO far I've been listening to pimsleur, the audio lessons. I've done about 9 lessons.. realized that so far its basically the where, when, ok, thats fine, eat, drink sentences.. still beginning beginning. I want to be a little more efficient. I'm thinking about looking for some poetry books. Is that a good way? When according to physics homework helper should I start looking for people to speak with? skype style.. is that a good way to learn? they say movies help too... but I think interaction seems better because your forced to speak. but if I do watch movies.. they say NO subtitles... How does the movie thing work anyways? I know thats how A LOT of people learn languages..whats the best way to go about this??

How can i get better at learning languages?

i have to go to a new school in one month. i will be a year behind in French, and a few months behind in German. How can i get a bit of a headstart on learning these two languages?

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