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Sustainability Of Pigments

It could seem strange to connect sustainability and pigment dispersion. However, one of the most effective strategies for improving coatings ' sustainability is to develop superior high-quality coatings with a longer life span, and to create them more efficiently. Making the most of dispersing pigments saves the time as well as money. It also increases appearance, decreases the number of surface imperfections, cut down on the amount of pigment used and can increase the durability of. The first goal is to create pigment particles that are the ideal size to suit the particular paint, whether it's an emulsion or a topcoat with a high gloss or transparent, low gloss or in need of excellent concealing.

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In the same way it is essential that the flocculation of pigments be kept to a minimum amount to prevent imperfections like poor gloss, uneven leveling, flooding , floating Benard cells and low color development. Naturally, we would like to accomplish this with minimal resources and duration. However, we must not just stop there. Letdown is also crucial. I've seen many examples of great dispersions getting affected by processes of letdown when ingredient was mixed with the others in a way that was too fast as well as there were huge temperature or viscosity variance between the mix and the letdown.

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