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Museum in Docklands Library and Archive

Museum in Docklands Library and Archive

The collection belongs to the Port of London Authority and is now on long-term loan to the Museum of London. Day to day responsibility and access is in the hands of the Museum in Docklands Project (the Docklands wing of the Museum of London).

A specialist collection which comprises maps of the Port of London Authority area of jurisdiction over the River Thames, from Teddington to Margate Sands. Includes maps of the enclosed docks systems in London (1790s-1960s), some very large scale (i.e. on sheets measuring 20 feet by 36 inches); River Thames Wharf Charts; A few maps of the dock areas prior to their construction (ca.1790s); a few atlases of London; some 19th century OS maps of London; some Goad plans relating to the dock areas (mainly 1940s).

Some maps are indexed, others are being listed on computer.

Several hundred aerial photographs of the London enclosed docks, and of the Upper and Lower Pools of London (1930s-1970s); about 100 of the River Thames from Teddington to Sea Reach (post 1945).

Note: The Port of London Authority retains a collection of operational maps. However these are not available to the public.


Unit C14, Poplar Business Park, 10 Prestons Road, London E14 9RL

Main contact

Telephone number

(020) 7515 1162


Opening hours

Closed to all but very urgent requests for access.


Prior appointment for all visits is essential. Children under the age of eleven are not admitted unless accompanied by an adult.
Please ring for information and help.


A photocopier is available. Also a few photographic prints of certain maps, and photo-prints of all the aerial photographs.


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