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National Monuments Record Centre

National Monuments Record (NMR)

Substantial coverage of England at most current OS scales together with a large collection of 18th-2Oth century maps, including copies of various county, estate and tithe maps. The OS 2-inch, 3-inch and 6-inch surveyors' drawings (1789-1840s). Various OS county series editions relating to England, and material relating to the OS archaeological and historical map series.

A specialist collection of some 500,000 oblique air photographs illustrating architectural, archaeological and landscape subjects.

A general collection of some 4M vertical air photographs derived from RAF, Ordnance Survey and commercial sources, and covering the period 1929-85.


Great Western Village, Cemble Drive SWINDON SN2 2GZ

Main contact

NMR Enquiry & Research Services

Telephone number


E-mail address
Opening hours

Tues-Fri 0930-1700


Advisable to telephone in advance of visit.
Open occasional Saturdays


Photocopies (up to Al size) and photo reproduction can be supplied on a fixed scale of charges and subject to normal copyright restrictions.


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