Cartography is the business of making maps. The terms ‘mapmaking’ and ‘cartography’ essentially mean the same thing: taking geographical information and transforming it into a map. A map is a graphic which shows a simplified picture of some of the features of part or all of the world. Our definition of cartography describes it as the ‘art, science and technology’ of mapmaking — a useful definition since it shows that cartography covers many disciplines and involves people with a range of skills. Making maps is an exciting and creative profession.

There are various courses available that include a module or element of Cartography and we have compiled a guide to becoming a cartographer here.

Jobs that are advertised for Cartographers will appear on these pages.

  • Freelance Cartographic Designer / GIS Analyst

    — News release: 14th August 2018

    Who we are:
    I started Cartobrien Limited 3 years ago after working as part of the London 2012 Cartography team. It’s a cartographic design company working mainly in transport planning. I do what I do because I love making maps, finding interesting ways to represent complex data for clients and displaying it in a simple and aesthetic/graphical manner.

    Who you are:
    I would like to find someone with the same enthusiasm as myself to come on board on a freelance basis to help with day to day mapping requests from my clients. It would be an ideal position for a student or graduate with some experience with GIS and Illustrator wanting to learn some new skills and with an interest in transport and urban planning projects. Maybe Cartography is a part of your portfolio of interests. What is key is that you will have bags of drive and commitment, love working in a small hard working team and have a passion for the challenges cartography presents.

    The opportunity:
    You will be working remotely or from one of my clients’ offices all based in Central London / East London. The job will consist of analysis of data, productions of maps and graphics. As you develop, you will be increasingly exposed to clients directly, taking into account their comments and collaborating with wider teams to ensure our outputs respond to their needs.

    Key requirements (qualifications and skills)
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Bags of enthusiasm
    Must have a basic knowledge of
    • ARC GIS
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Excel

    The following would be an advantage but not necessary
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe InDesign
    • AutoCAD

    Recruitment process/next steps
    - Email CV and cover letter to  highlighting why you will be a great candidate for Cartobrien
    - Next step is test on GIS over agreed 24 hour period
    - The final stage will be an interview