Cartography is the business of making maps. The terms ‘mapmaking’ and ‘cartography’ essentially mean the same thing: taking geographical information and transforming it into a map. A map is a graphic which shows a simplified picture of some of the features of part or all of the world. Our definition of cartography describes it as the ‘art, science and technology’ of mapmaking — a useful definition since it shows that cartography covers many disciplines and involves people with a range of skills. Making maps is an exciting and creative profession.

There are various courses available that include a module or element of Cartography and we have compiled a guide to becoming a cartographer here.

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  • Map Curators’ Group Convenor

    — News release: 23rd April 2018

    New MCG Convener Sought (applications by 30 May please!)


    Ann Sutherland has been Convener of the Map Curators’ Group since 1993 (she wrote her first Convener’s Corner in issue 34 of ‘Cartographiti’, June 1993) and has now – after a record 25 years – expressed a desire to step down from the post. A wish, I think, that no one can begrudge!


    So we now begin the search for a replacement and Ann has asked me to coordinate this.


    Please give serious thought to putting yourself forward as the next Convener of the Map Curators’ Group. There is absolutely no need to feel any need to compete with Ann’s record breaking term! We might consider an initial term of four years with extension – and resignation – possible.


    Information about the Map Curators’ Group (MCG) can be found at  As a Special Interest Group of the British Cartographic Society (BCS), the MCG is governed by BCS Terms of Reference (which I can supply to those who are interested). The MCG Convener must be a Full Member of BCS and the appointment must be approved by BCS Council. The Convener does not sit on BCS Council as a matter of right, but can stand for election in the normal way.


    Responsibilities include:


    -   Overseeing the arrangement of the MCG Annual Symposium and other training events

    -   Representing map libraries in general and sitting on BRICMICS

    -   Being responsible to the BCS Honorary Treasurer for financial matters relating to the Group’s activities

    -   Reporting regularly to the appropriate BCS Committee/s

    -   Writing the ‘Convener’s Corner’ article in Cartographiti


    This is a great opportunity to influence map librarianship, liaise with colleagues, and develop your own career.


    If you are interested in becoming MCG Convener, or have any questions about the role, please get in touch with me.


    Ann Sutherland plans to stand down in September but we really need to have a successor lined up before then.


    Can I have all expressions of interest by 30 May 2018.  In the happy event that I am inundated with applications we will hold an election later in the year.


    Please get in touch!


    Anne Taylor

    Head of Map Department, Cambridge University Library, West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DR

    Tel: 01223-333041.   email: