Our range of awards aims to recognize the very best cartographic work and scholarship from around the globe. We present trophies and prizes to individuals and companies who have shown excellence in this field.


In association with our sponsors, the Society promotes a series of prestigious awards for excellence in cartography that are open to everyone. We encourage entries from those engaged in all aspects of mapping, whether practical or theoretical, commercial or academic, using traditional or innovative techniques and research.

Presentations are usually made during the Gala Dinner at the Society’s Annual Symposium and award winners receive publicity through our publications and in other promotions.

To submit your work for an award, please first read the rules and then download, complete and submit the entry forms under each award below. If you have any queries, you can reach our Awards Officer using the contact form.

BCS Award


Best entry from winners of the major design awards

The prestigious BCS Award is presented to the entry judged to be the best from the major design awards. It comprises The BCS Award Bowl (kept for a year), a trophy to keep and a certificate.

BCS/SOC Conference 2017

James Cheshire receives the BCS Award for 2017 from Dr Alexander Kent, BCS President

Stanfords Award


Best entry for Printed Mapping

Open to any mapping in the printed form, whether it be a poster, folded sheet map, atlas, or page from a book, etc.  The Stanfords Award comprises a trophy and a certificate, and is run with the support of Stanfords map and travel book store.

BCS/SOC Conference 2017

Chris Beacock of Harvey Map Services receives the Stanfords Award for 2017 from Richard Carpenter, representing Stanfords


Avenza Award


Best entry for Electronic Mapping

Open to any mapping available in electronic format, including interactive internet mapping, internal company-use GIS mapping, and maps for PowerPoint presentations. The Avenza Award comprises a trophy and a certificate and is run with the support of Avenza Systems, Inc.


Ben Scott-Robinson of Ordnance Survey receives the Avenza Award for 2016 from Dr Tim Rideout, representing Avenza


John C. Bartholomew Award

Best entry for Thematic Mapping

Presented for originality and excellence in the field of thematic cartography with emphasis on effective communication of the intended theme or themes. The John C. Bartholomew Award comprises a trophy, a £500 prize and a certificate, and is run with the support of HarperCollins and the Bartholomew Family.

BCS/SOC Conference 2017

James Cheshire receives the John C. Bartholomew Award for 2017 from Jim Irvine of HarperCollins


Ordnance Survey OpenData Award


For excellence in the application of OS OpenData

To encourage excellence in cartographic design and the innovative and exciting use of Ordnance Survey OpenData. The OS OpenData Award comprises a trophy and a certificate, and is run with the support of Ordnance Survey.


Ross McDonald of Angus Council receives the OS OpenData Award for 2016 on behalf of Heikki Vesanto from Paul Naylor of Ordnance Survey


The Henry Johns Award


For the most outstanding article published in The Cartographic Journal (awarded each Volume)

Presented to the author(s) of the most outstanding article published in The Cartographic Journal during the year as judged by the Editorial Board. The Henry Johns Award comprises a cash prize and a certificate, and is run with the support of Lovell Johns.


Martin Davis, Editorial Assistant of The Cartographic Journal, receives the Henry Johns Award for 2016 on behalf of Jérémie Ory, Sidonie Christophe, Sara Fabrikant and Bénédicte Bucher from Louisa Keyworth of Lovell Johns

The Esri UK New Mapmaker Award


For those starting out in the cartographic or related industries

Open to those who have been engaged for up to two years in the preparation of maps, including college students and new employees in commercial firms or government. Mapping can utilize cartography, geomatics and/or GIS and entries can take any form (paper, digital, online or app). The Esri UK New Mapmaker Award comprises a £200 prize, a certificate and membership of BCS for one year, and is run with the support of Esri UK.


The BCS Children’s Map Competition

MOD Id templates

For those at primary and secondary school level

This award has been developed to encourage the creative representation, by children, of their environment in graphic form. The competition is run with the support of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) and is open to ages 7 to 16. There are four age groups (7 to 9, 10 to 11, 12 to 14 and 15 to 16) and the winner in each will receive £50 and a certificate.

The competition is run every two years, alternating with the ICA’s Barbara Petchenik Children's World Map Competition (details of which can be found here).

Ian Mumford Award

For university and college students

This award is intended to encourage and recognize excellence in original cartographic research undertaken by university or college students, who have been engaged in full- or part-time study towards a recognized academic qualification where cartography, maps or mapping forms the principal subject of research. The award comprises a £200 prize, a certificate and membership of BCS for one year.


The Society Medal

For a distinguished contribution to cartography

The British Cartographic Society Medal is a gift of the Society’s Council and was instituted in 1984. It is awarded to persons who have made a distinguished contribution to cartography.