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We play an active role in disseminating useful information about maps, mapping, and data visualisation through our members magazine, peer-reviewed journal and published books. 

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The Cartographic Journal

The Cartographic Journal is an established peer-reviewed academic periodical containing authoritative articles and papers from leading international experts in all aspects of cartography.



Maplines is our magazine, free to all members, and contains news, views and short articles about maps and mapmaking.

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Cartographiti is the newsletter of our Map Curators’ Group. It is published periodically and covers all aspects of the map curator’s profession.


Cartography: an introduction

A practical guide to making better maps, including thematic cartography, web mapping and coordinate systems.

A Celebration of 50 years of BCS

Published to celebrate our 50th anniversary, this beautiful book is illustrated with over 130 maps, from 1963 to 2013.

Maps and Surveys


Maps and Surveys is the newsletter of our Historical Military Mapping Group.

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