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Verisk 3D Visual Intelligence UK


01223 891 700


United Kingdom

Verisk 3D Visual Intelligence is a leading UK data supplier, harnessing mapping and data analytics to provide land and property insights to industries, including insurance, emergency services, government, utilities, telecom network operators, finance, and real estate.

Our national database of detailed property characteristics and land-use delivers insight into property and land, providing you with the tools to gain detailed information about individual houses and buildings, analyse large areas, or understand the use and characteristics of a specific area of interest.

Reliable insight on property and land-use can streamline the decision-making process. For example, for companies assessing the value or risk associated with a building or delivering a service, having access to accurate geospatial data can enable them to identify business opportunities while understanding land use simplifies project and development planning.

Get in touch to discover how Land-Use and Property insights can improve your decision-making processes – improving efficiency and saving costs.

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