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Thematic Mapping

Thematic mapping is how we map a particular theme to a geographic area. It tells us a story about a place and is commonly used to map subjects such as climate issues, population densities or health issues. This presentation looks at some of the thematic mapping techniques available and the advantages and disadvantages of using each.

This presentation is available to download free as a video (.mp4) or a PowerPoint document (.pptx).

Making good maps can often be as hard as ever.

It was to solve this conundrum that the Society embarked on our Better Mapping programme which led to the publication of Cartography an Introduction. This well-loved booklet gives a truly concise introduction to the absolute essentials of map design to help ensure that your creations fulfil their purpose and communicate clearly to your audience.

We are now able to make this freely available: Cartography an introduction, edition 1 (pdf).

The much-expanded second edition of the book is available here, at a discount for members.

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