Thematic Mapping

Thematic mapping is how we map a particular theme to a geographic area. It tells us a story about a place and is commonly used to map subjects such as climate issues, population densities or health issues. This presentation looks at some of the thematic mapping techniques available and the advantages and disadvantages of using each.

This presentation is available to download free as a video (.mp4) or a PowerPoint document (.pptx).



Cartography an introduction bookIn addition to the presentation, the British Cartographic Society are also providing a high-resolution digital copy (PDF) of their booklet 'Cartography - an introduction' free to all. Please click here to download.

Please note the booklet has been split into individual chapters, and combined in an archive (ZIP file) which is 390MB. If you require a file archive unzipper, then 7-Zip is open-source freeware.