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1 - Organisations, Websites and Collections

Organisations related to maps and map collections in the UK, Europe and the World

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Email discussion groups

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Hosted in the UK by the Map Curators' Group.

An international discussion forum for Librarians dealing with cartographic information, cartographers, remote sensors, geographers, and cartomaniacs of all types. Publicly accessible Maps-L Archive.


Hosted by the Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives (ACMLA) for anyone interested in Canadian cartography, geospatial data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) issues as they pertain to libraries and archives.​

Started late 2019. "An international digital forum in the historical study of the making, circulation, use and preservation of maps from the ancient to the contemporary period". "Collaboration between the International Society for the History of the Map (ISHMap, Twitter @ishmap1) and H-Net to further substantive inquiry among a growing number of global scholars with an interest in the history of maps and mapping".

Free and open, but moderated, listserv to promote discussion about any topic in the field of map history. Launched in January 2014 by the International Society for the History of the Map (ISHM). See also these web pages. It is the continuation of the MapHist listserv (1994-2012) and the short-lived MapHist Forum.


Australian and New Zealand Map Society email-list.

For anyone with an interest in Ordnance Survey Maps to ask questions, assist in research, and pass on information on any aspect of Ordnance Survey maps. This group was started by members of "The Charles Close Society for the Study of Ordnance Survey Maps" but is not a part of that organisation.

An email list for discussion of issues relating to geographic information systems and libraries.


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The 'Big 10' UK map collections

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The National Libraries:

The Legal Deposit Libraries:

These libraries receive one copy each of all British publications by law. They include the National Libraries, above, plus:


Other important map collections:


See also:


For map collections worldwide see:

World Directory of Map Collections, 4th edition, edited by Olivier Loiseaux and Section of Geography and Map Libraries. IFLA Publications, 92/93. De Gruyter Saur 2000

For collections in USA see:

Guide to U.S. Map Resources, 3rd edition of the American Library Association, Map And Geography Round Table (Magert). Edited by Christopher J.J. Thiry. 2005

These pages were compiled by: April Carlucci (British Library Map Library); Tinho da Cruz (Department of Geography, University of Liverpool); Anne Taylor (Cambridge University Library). They are maintained by the Map Curators' Group of the BCS. Colleagues are requested to help keep this information current by e-mailing suggestions for inclusion, and details of links that don't work.

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