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Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Approx. 1,850 maps. General and historic maps of London; large scale OS maps of Tower Hamlets (ca.1870 to date); Milne's Land Use Map of London (1800).

Publications inc. reprints of Tower Hamlets parts of Laurie and Whittle's New Map of London (1809 and 1819), Cruchley's New Plan of London...(1829, 1839), Cross's New Plan of London (1847) and Stanford's Library Map of London (1862).


Bancroft Library, 277 Bancroft Road, London, El 4DQ

Main contact

Telephone number

020 7364 1290

Opening hours

Tues, Thurs 0900-2000; Fri 0900-1800; Sat 0900-1700



Photocopier available (to A3 size)


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